Presence 19: I am learning that this moment matters

It’s such a cherishing practice to spot ‘shadow side thoughts’ and, instead of banishing them, welcoming them for loving compassion. Very healthy.

Integration. Excellent. 

Let’s read… It’s time to start The Presence Process: Week 1.

***The Presence Process by Michael Brown Week One***

WEEK 1 Our Conscious Response for the Next Seven Days is:


Note on Conscious Connected Breathing:  ‘Throughout the duration of The Presence Process, we synchronize our breathing with the following conscious response: I AM HERE NOW IN THIS. We synchronize our breathing and mental activity in this manner: “I” on the in-breath, “AM” on the out-breath, “HERE” on the in-breath, “NOW” on the out-breath, “IN on the inbreath, and “THIS” on the out-breath, using the same words for each cycle of in-breaths and out-breaths. This conscious response is for our breathing practice only.’ The PP, pg120. 

***15minsConscious Connected Breathing***

I did the CCBreathing. It might take some getting used to. I drifted quite vividly a couple of times. It’s curious because my qigong training this week has been all about breathing. Breathing is associated with the lungs (of course) which are associated with the metal element – and lungs can house depression or sadness… So, good to BREATHE! I’ve been doing a lot of breathing it seems! 

What about ‘This Moment Matters’? Your thoughts on this phrase, this ‘conscious response’?

Do not under-estimate the value of learning the exquisite ‘crucialness’ of each moment in these particular times. You asked, in past years, to be part of the shift. Well, the shift happens deep inside the Now moment. So if you can find ways to align with Presence, or the Now, you will be better placed to partake of the Shift of which you spoke. 

What is the Shift?

An aligning with the upgraded frequencies available to this planet. 


Meaning that multidimensionality is now more readily available as a conscious experience to humans, but only… within the Now. 

And what is multidimensionality in your/our view?

The ability to Be across timelines, across geographies and across realities, simultaneously. 

And what advantage does that ability give us or the planet?

The advantage is one of perspicacity. 

Aha. Let me remind myself…

Perspicacity (also called perspicaciousness) is a penetrating discernment (from the Latin perspicācitās, meaning throughsightedness, discrimination)—a clarity of vision or intellect which provides a deep understanding and insight.[1] It takes the concept of wisdom deeper in the sense that it denotes a keenness of sense and intelligence applied to insight.

Another definition refers to it as the “ability to recognize subtle differences between similar objects or ideas”.[2] It has also been described as a deeper level of internalization.[3] Perspicacity is different from acuity, which also describes a keen insight, since it does not include physical abilities such as sight or hearing.[2]

‘A penetrating discernment’. Excellent. ‘A clarity of vision or intellect which provides a deeper understanding or insight.’ Yes! So help me understand this multidimensionality more…

First absorb your learning for the day: ‘this moment matters’ in more way than one. On embarking on the PP you are making a solemn commitment to developing skills of multidimensionality. 

I am?

And in making that commitment you are invited to slow right down and absorb the meaning of your intentions. ‘Wait a moment’. Stop. Cease. Arrete. Hasten not. Jump no hoops. Cut no corners. Be prepared to learn this truth: This Moment Matters. 

Ok, got it. I am learning that this moment matters.

Welcome to Week One of the PP. 

I am learning that this moment matters