Create 19: I am self-centring

  • I did write a non-fawning, direct email to the one who’d been bombarding me with emails. It felt good to reestablish some boundaries.
  • I did play the FBGIABB song – on a LOOP. 🙂
  • I made a list of Human Glee and Human Fawnees… and it was a helpful reminder that I don’t owe ‘everyone everything’ – I can hold reserves for those I actually do click with!
  • I did do my FIVE hours of training across two groups without busting an adrenal in fawning to participants. I held my own… eg to the woman who kept badgering me for random tech support because her iPad wasn’t working – I invited her to leave the session and come back later…

This morning I’m using the time to shift some shit off my list and prepare for the day. Any tips?

Self-Centre in every moment. Hold your energy for You. 

Seriously, this is the work of this moment of immense pressure for all: to keep your energy for You. 

Is this to do with, like, louche harvesting, or something..?

Just hold on to what is rightfully yours. Your life force. 

Qi time then… yes?

EVERY day is Qi time… 

Ok. I hear you. So ‘Self-Centre’. I’ll work with that… Ty. xxx

I am self-centring

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