Create 3: I am creating my own daily pattern (softly) 

Good morning. Well, I just read thorough yesterday’s session, and acted on that creative impulse I had yesterday, to add a Creative Hour to my daily pattern. I’ve now added it as a repeat event at 10am on my calendar. I’m really pleased. This will mean that I can actually ring-fence time to ‘act on the creative impulses’ within the Create Project – whether or not they are ‘work-related’. Also, it’s a way to start the day (or afternoon when I’m training in the morning) that takes the pressure off. I’d been feeling ‘pressure’ this morning, as I return to work.

Oh and…. yesterday, I did flex my creative muscle, but I didn’t get to do the NVC flipchart or the Mum ‘altar’. So I’ll do that in my creative hour today.

It’s good to be less reactive and more proactive. Also I realise, if I actually allocate enough time to do what I need to do to be sane and well, I only have three hours a day to sell, or use for client prep…! 

Here’s my new daily pattern for 2021:

  • 7am QT Hour
  • 8am Body Hour (Fitbit / Qigong  /Shower and Dress by 9am)
  • 9am Desk + Breakfast (Deskfast Hour)
  • 10am Creative Hour
  • 11am Bookings Management  / Enquiries Hour
  • 12pm Lunch and 60 min Walk/Talk
  • 2pm THREE HOURS for BOOKINGS or CLIENT PREP (or swap for 10am-1pm)
  • 5pm Standing Zero Inbox Hour
  • 6pm Home Hour (clean / cook / laundry / calls)
  • 7pm Supper Hour + Relax
  • 9pm Clear kitchen and get into bed by 10pm
  • 10pm Read and lights off

Let’s go in, even though briefly


So I realise today’s creative impulse is about ‘creating the daily pattern‘. I sensed myself in a boat floating down a river. The riverbanks were the protective boundaries of the schedule. I simply had to watch out for ‘drifting‘ – which I interpreted as those instances when I get carried away with an activity, and let myself run over time. But it was also about being in a state where I drift into obliging others’ expectations, rather than meeting my own – to use the language of the four tendencies.

Excellent. ‘Drifting’ is such a helpful word to bear in mind. If you can keep your eyes on the river ahead, you’ll spot yourself drifting way ahead of any problems, and will easily be able to course correct. 

Yes. I think life will be more fun as I take hold of my time, for me and my purposes. I have a big aim for this year: to shift from many little pots of jam of many flavours, to One Jam. This will need monk-like respect for my own schedule and deployment of time and energy.

Yet, also it will require immense inner softness. Only in softness do we remain ‘not too attached’ to any activity we are currently attending to. We know we’ll return to it tomorrow, after all. We allow ourselves to let go of one activity, and more serenely to the next. 

Speaking of which… 🙂 Time for the next Hour.

I am creating my own daily pattern (softly) 


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