Create 47: I am in Your hands

Yesterday was a shock and an emotional rollercoaster…. [CONFIDENTIAL]

  1. M contacted me to let me know that my beloved L is experiencing acute depression and hasn’t been able to get out of bed, or eat, or communicate with him, for several days.
  2. S contacted me… An extraordinarily beautiful email from Dad (to And. Theun, who is v ill in hospital) had come in… one that also effectively disclosed that the medical tests results Dad is receiving in 24 hrs (ie today, this morning) are to detect something that would be very serious. My precious, beloved Dad….
  3. Our darling AST shared that following their 12 week scan the previous day, they’d been asked to make an immediate appointment for a test for D.s. – as the scan suggested chances of their beautiful being having D.s. were ‘high’. Their test is today, with results in a week.

I wept most of yesterday, and slept fitfully last night. Such strong emotions of fear and grief sweeping through me. Feeling lost and adrift… G was the biggest comfort… holding me and squeezing me – keeping me here, in my body.

I pray blessings upon my beautiful family, and healing of all our hearts, so that we may hold each other with strength, power and love, at every moment. Bless all the families on this planet, and grant us all peace, health and happiness. May we have full confidence in everything that is happening for us; full trust in the perfection of each moment and every blossoming. I am in Your hands.

Amen. <3

Grant my beautiful Dad, and J, strength, peace and even joy today, as they hold each other through each moment, deep in the love they have for each other.

Grant my darling A&N courage, clarity and peace as they take one step forward at a time. May they be endowed with complete confidence.

Grant my precious L all that she needs to feel strong, enlivened, poised, purposeful and full of joy again! May the angels of light rally round her and bring her powerful upliftment of heart and spirit!

Amen! <3

I am in Your hands today. I am in Your hands.

I am in Your hands. 

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