Create 69: I am tuning to the frequency I wish to hear #StayTuned

I realised yesterday that we need a ratio of 1000:1 of ‘self-gentling thoughts’ (my term) to ‘default thoughts’ if we are going to override the fear-based default thinking of human life.

In other words I need to affirm “My life is so gentle” 1000 times for every fear thought I entertain.

And there’s some reasoning to be done to underpin this affirmation – to remind myself the statement is true. With tenderness, I can say to myself, “Am I actively dying?” and if I’m not, then you know what, my life is pretty gentle in this moment.

Yes, visiting my beloved Dad a couple of days ago, and seeing his powerful equanimity in the face of his incurable condition, certainly gave me some new perspective on my circumstances.

It also underpinned how very very much we need to self-gentle in order to get through this life, particularly under the conditions of the world and this country at the moment.

I reflected on my work patterns, and noted:

  • I work 6 hours a day more or less – and it’s intense, but good, practical, helpful. May those hours be dedicated to helping folks and serving the peaceful mission.
  • So may the other 18 hours be dedicated to conscious self-gentling, so that I have the inner resources for the 6h of work at hand.
  • Anything else is asking too much of the system… which is news to us who were brought up to push push push through school, homework, late nights, over-stimulation….

Yesterday, I listened to Caroline Myss (Advanced Energy Anatomy) talk about involving the 2nd/3rd chakra to get our creative work done. “Have you got the guts to bring the creative idea into the physical world…?” she (roughly) said, referring to the location of the chakra and our metaphors around the power of the belly… Having the guts.

Then I watched Homeland (yeah, I know…) and was reminded of what humans achieve (for good or for ill) with that ‘marine mentality’: compartmentalise, get stuff done, mission focus, team work, inner poise, self-mastery…

There’s something here for me at the moment… around…

  • “Here HALT” = notice what you’ve done and are doing; give yourself credit and kudos and reward and rest
  • “Self-Gentling” = affirming, owning, anchoring the gentler paradigm of living – and thereby also overriding default fear-thinking, by deliberate intent
  • Mental toughness, guts, resilience…. arising out of …. mastering one’s … mind… via extreme self-care…?

Good work. Ready to go in? 



And so is ‘downloaded’ or ‘uploaded’ a new prayer: Speak Through Me. 

It becomes clear that:

  • Inner uprightness + total softness => ‘the cork floats’, aka the frequency rises… and the radio tunes to a new channel… and the medium broadcasts a new signal. 
  • The inner uprightness refers to the inner simplicity and clarity and peace and focus upon that which is up and ahead. The marine mission mentality.
  • The total softness refers to a self-reverence that honours the miraculous nature of this life… and the temporal nature of existence on this plane. Here HALT and self-gentle. 

And Speak Through Me?

We know you long for connection to be literal – like A-H – and there is no reason why not: it’s happening now. But you know that you are a mouth-piece (each of you) for whatever it is that you are tuned to. So take care to tune to the channel you for which to be a medium.

Aha! So LoveFM, RadioSpirit, SacredLongWave, HeartFeltFM…

If you like. Just keep your ‘attention’ on that for which you wish to speak.

I see.

Tune to the frequency you wish to hear. 


I am tuning to the frequency I wish to hear

#SpeakThroughMe #StayTuned!


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