Peak 100: I am self-energising

In order successfully to hold the Great Image of ‘Reach Peace; Teach Peace’ you’re invited to decide very consciously where to place your attention.

To look at your screen is to look down a microscope at a petri dish of writhing microbes; it is to look down the barrel of a gun at bullets ready to wreak havoc:

Whereas, looking up and out of the window is to survey the grand expanse of perfection on your doorstep. To wit:

Keep your head up and your gaze on the horizon – and you will reach peace.

Ty. Yesterday (after our dialogue) was such a haaaaard day. Such grief welling up, coupled with tight depressive / self-harm (‘cheesewire man’) feelings, and unshiftable PDA til 3pm and then a mini-meltdown when I froze my computer and later my phone with electromagnetic zapping. (Later, thankfully, a good coaching session with my lovely client and an amazing evening out with my G with successful dress shopping for a family wedding. Evenings are always a blessed respite.) Maybe I should note it was a Harvest / Full Moon on a Friday the 13th? Anyway, it was hard for those around me. And my goodness, getting my admin done was like pulling out my own teeth. I was indeed stuck to my screens. But using the phone for the purposes of PDA… How shall I keep looking up?

Let’s read. ❤️


That which is to be shrunk must first be stretched out. That which is to be weakened must first be strengthened. That which is to be cast down must first be raised up. That which is to be taken must first be given.

There is wisdom in dimming your light.

For the soft and gentle will overcome the hard and powerful.

Fish are best left in deep waters.

And, weapons are best kept out of sight. (Ref)

Ooh, this: There is wisdom in dimming your light.’ Why? For the soft and gentle will overcome the hard and powerful.’ I like {soft and gentle}. Tell me about ‘dimming your light’.

It means, stop trying to catch attention by shining your bright beam outwards. You lose energy that way.

But literally most of my Aspie work-related stress is related to hiding out of sight and comms-dodging.

Which then is apologised for by turning on the tractor beam a little too brightly. ‘Dimming your light’ refers to being just a little less explicit and a little more inscrutable.

Oh really? Man. Life. People! Why can’t we all just be telepathic?!

Interesting proposition. What would it look like if you made greater use of the non-3D comms mechanisms?

It would look like… wizardry?!

Ha! Very good. What else?

Good sense?

All life is simply energy, pulsating at different speeds, beats, frequencies, impulses. It could be that you try to drop (out of your natural state of high-speed frequency) into low, steady frequency to communicate with others. And therefore you find it not only tiring but also boring. Doing those emails makes you feel like you’ve been standing in an unmoving queue for two hours. You write the words, but you simultaneously send out grumpy-think … so you then magnetise in a Return Email…

Yesterday, most of the emails I received were scrambled. People either hadn’t read my emails, or hadn’t read their own. It was sooooo odd, and frustrating.


Ah… Shadow work says: those emails were a reflection that my thinking or communication was scrambled. Or… ergh… Grumpy-Think. ?

The antidote is this: before pen is put to paper, or finger to keyboard, clearly, brightly, with loving high-frequency sentiment, make your communication. Listen for the response and adjust your message accordingly. Then, only then, write your message – briefly. In this way you are shining your light energetically, but you are not trying to use your written words to communicate your light. To each frequency it’s correct medium of communication.

So, I can send out a frequency message like this: ‘Hi dear person whom I love very much. I’m getting in the car shortly. It fills my heart to be seeing you today. I am sending love ahead of me to accompany you while I travel.’ And then, having send that and ‘heard the reply’, write “On my way. Much love xxx”.

It’s the ‘hearing the reply’ which is the crucial element hear. Try it.

…. Oh heavens. I sensed my loved one’s trepidation and fear about her situation. It was like tapping into a different paradigm!

Exactly. So that changes the messages you send mentally – and the brief words you write.

Eg. ‘It’s going to be so lovely to be together with you today…’ Something that addresses the sensed emotions.

Lovely. Now imagine you do this before each email and text you send. Actually tapping into the person before you message them, and meeting them at where you sense them to be. This is not magic or wizardry, but simply slowing ourselves down enough to draw upon our empathy.

The scrambled messages you received yesterday were indeed from people who were racing so fast they’d stepped out of connectivity. Happily they helped teach you about connectivity.

If you want to RP/TP, it all starts with slowing down enough – dimming your light enough – to get into connectivity with others.

This really is beautiful. Ty.

Think of the Dynamo light on your father’s old bike. When he peddled furiously, it shone brightly. The minute he stopped, it dimmed and went out. We are moving away from the on/off peddle-powered Dynamo paradigm. We are moving to… Well. Why not ponder that in your meditation now?

Ok. Ty. ?


Insights arising: Instead of being the the peddle-powered Dynamo, or the Night Time Day Time bird…




…It’s possible to keep topping up an internal battery (like the ‘dan tien’ in qigong, I guess) through cultivating inner peace and practising endorphination- both of which amount to ’embodiment’.

When the internal battery is topped up, and the energy preserved (dim your light), we can do this conscious communication work because we have slowed down enough to [expedite … no thanks, autocorrect!] experience connectivity.

And what does it look like to ‘keep topping up an internal battery’ in this way?

The opposite to constantly tractor-beaming others. The opposite to exhausting oneself trying to communicate with a loudspeaker in hand. The opposite to being chased down the road by a herd of rampaging emails. It’s about focusing on that inner anchor, and brightening it internally.

What if today, despite of, and with the benefit of, your planned travels, involved a focus on ‘topping up your internal battery’?

Yes. Really good. I am ready to learn the art of self-energisation.

Perfect. There’s your phrase.

I am self-energising

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