Peak 118: I am experiencing Stillpoint (Zero Revs Given)

I may not be understanding this wu wei (inexertion) concept right, because again I am exhausted and my adrenals are frying… I had a broken night, again, and it frustrates me because I know that, having not caught up on proper energy, my body then copes by turbo charging me with adrenaline and cortisol, which leads to two things: a) adrenal fatigue and b) fatness, especially in the stomach and hips area, which I am so, so tired of. Yesterday, G and I spent a good couple of hours looking for winter coats in the ‘plus woman’ sections of shops, without finding one that didn’t make me look like the Michelin Man. Every single day I’m working to protect my body/organs/nervous system, and lose weight – and day after day I’m stuck at 1-2 stone overweight. I’m tired of being tired of being ashamed, exhausted, run-down. HELP.

When you took your exertion down to 80% in the last couple of days, it made a signigicant difference, didn’t it? What would it look like to take your exertion down to 50%? Or 20%? Or 0? 

Nothing would get done!

Exactly. ‘Nothing’ would indeed be accomplished. 

Is ‘nothing’ the goal?

‘Still point’ or ‘zero point’ must be reached, and regularly so, for reboots to occur. 

What are reboots?

Reboots are those DNA shifts you’ve been learning about over the years. 

Aha. Ok. I’m listening.

Let’s read. 

-54- What is well-rooted cannot be pulled up. What is firmly grasped will not slip loose. It will be honoured from generation to generation. When cultivated in your person, Virtue will be real. When cultivated in your household, Virtue will be plentiful. When cultivated in your village, Virtue will endure. When cultivated in your country, Virtue will abound. When cultivated in your world, Virtue will be universal. Hence, through yourself look at Self. Through your household look at Household. Through your community look at Community. Through your country look at Country. Through your world look at World. How do I know that the world is like this? Because of what is within me. (The Tao Te Ching 54)

Plant motifs: Cultivation. Rootedness.

Self-observation motifs:  ‘through yourself look at Self/ etc

I felt inclined to look up Gurdjieff’s teachings. This book – Gurdjieff Unveiled by Seymour Ginsberg, was helpful:

I was reminded of Gurdjieff’s emphasis on self-observation. I didn’t know he placed fundamental emphasis on a meditation practice too:

“Meditation may be the one essential practice, without which nothing of significance will happen.” Gurdjieff quoted in Ginsberg p69.

The cultivation of stillness, rootedness, self-awareness, attention, in-exertion. 

‘Through yourself look at Self’… and see, aha… You’re tired? 

I can only imagine that if my ‘self’ is tired, it is because it is not aligned with my ‘Self’ – or what Abraham Hicks calls my ‘inner being’ – which I guess is you to whom I am talking. Help, please. Help my understand and get breakthrough.

Be still. Reach Stillpoint. We meet you there. Root yourself in stillness. ‘What is well-rooted cannot be pulled up.’


As I tumble into Stillpoint, my unhealed wounds, hurts, angers and rages become visible to me. It’s like the low tide revealing shipwrecks buried in the sand.

Good. Excellent. The healing is in the revealing.

Photo of a rev meter at 0I had the image of Stillpoint being shown as 0 rpm on a revometer, like this:

And by comparison, how ‘revved’ might you typically be?

I noted earlier that getting from 100% to 80% made a huge difference.

The goal is this: to hit zero rpm, while awake, conscious and in stillness (ie not on your phone or otherwise occupied), once a day. This is how we become ‘well-rooted’.

Is Stillpoint – the zero rpm – something you ‘reach’, ‘attain’, ‘explore’?

It would not be too ‘airy’ to say it is something you ‘live’ or ‘experience’. These words you can use to shine the light on the fact that Stillpoint is a state or a paradigm, not an ‘activity’ or a ‘place’. It has agency; not you – though you can adapt yourself to resonate with it. 

Ok. I’ll work with this then. I’ll play with it. I like the Zero Revs concept, as a visual reminder. I will endeavour to experience Stillpoint or Zero Revs at least once a day across this week.

I am experiencing Stillpoint (Zero Revs)

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