Peak 120: I am softening into stillness

So, ‘unhooking’ had me thinking about any of my remaining addictive behaviour. I’ve spent a bit of time wondering if {emotional overeating} is just such a thing for me. Every day for the last two years I’ve been working with some diet/exercise programme – every day! And to no avail in terms of bodily recovery, strength and weight loss. I do have more energy and less fatigue, but my weight simply won’t budge. I was 25 pounds lighter when I met G (after a focussed programme and a couple of years off work and depression-sleeping and daily walking / qigong / yoga). Some of the new weight is from stress/lack of sleep (aka cortisol) and some from over-eating. I’m really seeking to work with both. But, maybe I need to treat the over-eating more directly, and not just by shifting what I eat.

On Sunday, I broke my vegetarian spell (a la Medical Medium) of three months (since 29Jul19) and had roast lamb.  Defeated thoughts included: ‘What was the point in all the restriction, if I felt no better? I wasn’t turning into an athlete, like the people in The Game Changers… ‘ And afterwards, tbh, I did feel good – grounded, sustained. Maybe I eat meat once a week..?

Dearest sweet soul. We have noticed you bringing gentle awareness to your moments, and slowing down into them. Like the morning you woke up too early, and just lay there with the discomfort of tiredness, and to your surprise fell asleep again – three times. Being with the discomfort helped it dissipate. 

You are invited to ease into softness, in all things. The ‘non-revving’, the inaction, the wu wei, the harmony, the unhooking, the Stillpoint reaching… This can be applied to all things. It is the antidote to stress, to overeating, to overworking, to procrastinating, to overtalking, to hustling – and it is the friend of  ‘making good food choices’ and  ‘undertaking exercise’ (well done for recent exercise classes btw). And therefore, if you like, it is the portal for ‘losing weight’. 

Your body is a reflection of your mind, dear being.

The Stillpoint can not be merely ‘nodded to’ once a day. If you want the benefits of this softness / stillness / harmony… you must dedicate yourself to its practice deeply and consistently. You need to give time to the body and mind to adjust and acclimatise properly – once a day for at least an hour. 

Consider it the act of getting a good ‘soaking’ in the parasympathetic state. 

Consider it ‘going offline’ for a bit, because switching the system off and on again is a good thing. 

And in following these practices, be careful not to leap up out of the warm waters of Stillness, and leap on into the cold waters of [twitter, politics, negative news].

Are you saying to avoid the news? I am a bit hooked on it…

We are saying that to the degree you choose Stillness, you shall find peace in your days. 

So, you’re saying I’ve been ‘nodding to’ Stillness, but not ‘soaking’ myself in it enough that it can be the over-riding frequency in me?

Yes! Beautifully put. The law of averages is a hard and fast law. If 90% of your consciousness is focussed on duality, and 10% on unity, your body-mind will speak the language – and resonate with the frequency – of duality. 

Aha. This is helpful. This makes me thing of the protective bubble of qi and light we create in qigong. …And how conversely I am prone to letting all kinds of other stuff in my space.

Your work is such that you really need to invest in psychic protection. 

I find it all so intangible. It’s all about ‘visualisation’… Help me to really see, sense and know that this stuff is not just wishful thinking.

If /when you spend more time at Stillpoint, you will become much more sensitised to the sensations. 

Ok. I hope so!

Let’s read.

-56- Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know. Block the passages! Shut the doors! Blunt the sharpness! Untangle the knots! Soften the glare! Settle with the dust! This is the Mystery of Evenness. Those who have achieved this cannot be enclosed nor kept at a distance; they cannot be benefited nor harmed, honoured nor disgraced. Therefore, this is the noblest state under heaven. (The Tao Te Ching 56)

Wow, well this confirms pretty clearly that we need:

  • boundaries
  • softness
  • settledness
  • evenness

It’s a post-egoic state here, I’d say. Right?

It’s a state wherein unconditional love is easeful. When we know who/what we are and have our boundaries understood, we can afford to live by softness, settledness and evenness. We can invite collaborative action with other beings, human and otherwise. 

First establish boundaries, right? How?

In meditation, qigong, prayer… Boundaries are understood at Stillpoint, and at Stillpoint only. 

And (just for the record..) what is Stillpoint?

Stillpoint is the state of being in which we align with our essential Inner Being and reconnect thereby with our Soul and its purpose, its knowing, its messages for us. 

Imagine a telegraph wire to a hotline from your Soul which only switches on when your heartbeat is at exactly, say, 63 bpm or less. Yes? In other words, you need to adjust your self to be a receiver. The receptive state is found at Stillpoint. 

Ok. Let’s meditate and play with this a little. Ty.


That was lovely. I felt the telegraph wire flicker into life occasionally. It’s a lovely feeling – and it makes one want more of it, and that thereby makes the mind less resistant to the stillness.

  1. Meditation => settling into stillness
  2. In stillness we recall who/what we are => boundaries feel natural
  3. Knowing our boundaries => we are free to trust in unconditional love

So…it’s back to proper meditation then…

It’s back to softening into stillness. 

You know I just started listening again (after 3+ years) to the audio programme, Recovery: One Breath at a Time by Kevin Griffin. It’s good stuff, right? I feel like I’m blending Taoism and Buddhism at the moment.

The practices are time-tested, time-honoured. Soften into stillness, however that best occurs for you. You will know you’re there when the telegraph wire to your Soul flickers on. 


I am softening into stillness

Telegraph poles in the snow




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