Peak 142: I am sharing the fruits of my labours

What is the new story? What are you hearing?

‘I am soft and supple.

I am living a life of ease.

I am keeping on top of things.

I am blessed by ease.’


What even is a ‘life of ease’?

No strain and no pain. No pushing. No efforting. A different frequency altogether: one of magnetism, not resistance. 

No noisy interference then…?

Exactly. Calm air waves. Peaceful neural signals. Coherence of heart and head. 

I can do that.

You can. You can enjoy the fruits of your labours now. 

My goodness… Yes. What a mindset. I love that. Any of us who have got beyond our twenties frankly could benefit from that mindset. Adolescence and young adulthood is so hard!

‘I am enjoying the fruits of my labours. I am living a life of ease. I remain diligent, and life buoys me up tenfold for every movement forward I take.’

That is my story.

Acting as if…

Exactly. The frequency sets the reality…

I am living a life of ease.

Let’s read.

-79- Even though a truce is made between great enemies, some enmity is bound to remain. How can this be beneficial? Therefore, the True Person undertakes the obligations of the agreement but makes no [vengeful or exacting] claim upon others [upon the other party]. The person who has Virtue shares with others. The person who lacks Virtue takes from others. The way of heaven has no favourites; it always remains with what is good. (Tao Te Ching 79 – my additions)

Interesting reflections from the point of view of mediation: the spirit in which a person meets the obligations of the ‘truce’ agreement should involve the removal of enmity. And then – giving and taking away: The person who has Virtue shares with others. The person who lacks Virtue takes from others.  Could I be sharing more of what I have with others? 

Of course. To share is to give away that which you would wish to come back to you – so give a way the very best you have. 

It’s an act of faith, isn’t it?

Remember the magnet is both attracting and repelling. Opposite poles attract. If you want north to stick, you have to present south – which means letting go of the north in hand. 

What is it I’m meant to be giving away, and in order to attract what? My energy? I’m certainly doing that. I’m so tired, and finally down with a throat too…

Hey. Back up. The magnet does not present negative in order to receive positive! The magnet gives away her positive freely, in order that more positive may be attracted to heal any {unexpressed} negative. That’s the law of the physical world. 

… Ok. I hear you. I’ll be a bit quiet, I think…

What’s the insight available here?

First, where is your alpha/theta brainwave state within which we can work?

…I’m trying, but I’m so exhausted!

Softly… Soft, supple feelings… Gentle, yielding thoughts… Unclench the brain… Regain the connection…

My tickly cough… I can’t sit still… or breathe without coughing….

Soft… Supple… 

Ok. Yes…. …. ….

This arising: ‘What can I share? Can I share the fruits of my labours?’ 

Yes. Boom! This. 

And this is the antidote to ‘taking from others‘ in terms of working ‘just to earn income’…

To an extent. Worry not about ‘the opposite’. Rather, capture this notion of giving away the best you have to offer – in the knowledge that you can do so fearlessly. People often feel they have to hoard the best they have, so that they can sell it (part with it at a price) or reveal it as a surprise. They fear that if they give it away they will be left with nothing. Certainly, we are not suggesting you work for free with the blithe expectation that the Universe will leave cash and a food hamper on your doorstep. But use this principle: when I put the best that I have freely out in to the system, I am creating safety, security and sustainability for all, myself included. This is the law of abundance. 

It is the penultimate week of the year, and next session will be the penultimate chapter of the Tao Te Ching. It feels like we are coming to a close with the Peak Project. Can it be that the answer to the question ‘What gives us the peak experiences?’ involves ‘giving away the best we have’? I’m not sure I have time to trial this to know if it is true….

You have learnt a lot this year, from your work, from this project (and the MEDS Project before it) – really important tools and techniques for enhancing consciousness, connection, communication, consensus, cooperation… All those beautiful co- words. (You nearly started CoDialogues… You wouldn’t regret it if  you did.) What of this can you share?

Tools. I can share tools galore! And with pleasure! I’ve been reluctant to share my experiences or my ‘wisdom’ or my writing even…. But, man alive, I can share tools til my eyes water….

Is this your work for next year?

I guess. I’d heard ‘share love’  and ‘teach love’. Tricky stuff…. So, for 2020, can I run with Share Tools? Or Share CoTools? Or something like that? Basically, to aim to share tools and techniques, I’ve learnt in the last years, for fomenting consensus, consciousness, connection – as my heartfelt response of activism and faith in a world of peace, unity, light and love?


I am sharing the fruits of my labours

Picture of magnets attracting and repelling
Magnets: opposites attract

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