Peak 144: I am a sovereign being

I feel open, nervous, trepidatious as a I write. It seems to me this is the last post of the Peak Project:

  • 44: a number of much meaning and solidity to me.
  • Tao Te Ching Chapter 81: the final chapter of the book
  • 29th Dec 2019: nearly the end of this year

What have I learnt? What am I learning? What is next?

Look at the post headings for the Peak Project. 

…Thank you. Wow. What a journey. And here is where it all began:

I understand more than ever now that the Peak Experience is an inside job. It’s not about experiences booked or purchased, or attainments reached, or achievements achieverised – but about the alignment of the inner state, and an up-reaching to peace, unity, love and light in any moment or situation. This is the power button pressed and the heart unveiled on the battlefield.

Inner voice of my being, what would you have me know and remember from this experiment?

Your voice emanates through you, dear Heart. Do not feel you have to wait for us to speak through or to you. We are one with you now. You can hear and translate the message of your heart as a simultaneous translator – one word at a time as you have done for years. Relax and listen, relax and listen. Your mission for next year is to share what you know.

In the Peak Project you learnt to strip away expectation. You were drawn to study the Tao Te Ching in this project so that you could get comfortable with the habit of relaxing into ‘what is’, rather than chipping away at reality. That is why you ended on the note of ‘relinquishing judgment and accepting and appreciating what is right here, right now.’ You moved towards the Still Point. You learnt practices that could channel your natural inclination towards peace. You played beautifully with the Peace Frequency. You settled into acceptance and appreciation with equanimity. You worked on yourself… ‘for the last time’. By this is meant, the initial self-training is done. To proceed it is imperative to share what you know. 

That is moving and exciting and daunting to me. Shall we read our last chapter? 

No. Wait. First give thanks. 

Lao Tzu, spirit of Knowing, of Being, of Receiving, of Accepting, of Flowing with the Way. Thank you for all the teaching, moulding and reassuring you have provided me with over these past months. May I go on to live by the Tao in my day to day life. May I absorb all that you have taught me. Please stand by me as I seek to follow this new mission to Share What I Know. Grant me softness, humility, wisdom and truth. Stand next to me and sprinkle my words with real Knowledge, and ensure that as much as possible I act as a channel for truth, rather than a broadcaster of my own sense of self. Let me remove self from my work, and instead support the connection of people with their own perfect truths. Let that be my goal and my gift to others. Thank you for your writing and your legacy and all that is gifted to us by following the Way of the Tao. Amen.

-81- Sincere words are not elegant; elegant words are not sincere. The good person does not argue; the person who argues is not good. The wise do not have great learning; those with great learning are not wise. True Persons do not hoard. Using all they have for others, they still have more. Giving all they have to others, they are richer than before. The way of heaven is to benefit and not to harm. The way of the True Reason is to assist without striving in the unfolding of the story of the earth. (The Tao Te Ching 81)

May I not hoard that I which I have received in insights, tools and learnings, but rather use all I have for others, and give all I have to others, so that I may be blessed to assist with striving in the unfolding of the story of the earth. This is the prayer I offer up today, for the year ahead and beyond. Teach me how to share what I know, dear holy forces of peace, unity, love and light. Clear my ethereal body of ego, fear, hesitation and doubt. Plant certainty, clarity and simplicity in my being, and gift me the energy, vitality and fitness to contribute to the unfolding of the story of the earth.

In past weeks, certain individuals have stepped forward in our society, each emanating a powerful forcefield, and acting like channels of certain frequencies. My beloved G used the brilliant phrase ‘resonant archetypes’ to describe the phenomenon (which he had been thinking about simultaneously/independently to me…!). G suggested we are all aligning with one or another archetype, and that some archetypes invite one to align behind them and some archetypes invite one to network with them. Yes!

This is the line of thought I’d been following:

    • I had followed Stormzy’s rebuttal of the PM and media channels, and his immense spiritual grace and power – and thought, yes, here we have a voice of the new generation, and the new era. I resonate with this, and am so relieved to see this thinking made manifest in the heart of our culture.
    • I had come across this tweet and its heartening answers (including someone talking about also feeling like Cassandra!!):

  • I watched the video by George Monbiot, and felt, ‘This, this speaks to me. And I feel less alone in my ‘Cassandra Syndrome’!’


Monbiot says:

  • “The oligarchs have discovered the formula for for persuading the poor to vote for the interests of the very rich and that formula includes massive lying and cheating on an unprecedented scale.”
  • “Any Labour leader putting forward those policies whose aim was to transform this country would have been demonised and ripped apart. The fundamental problem is the incredible grip over our imaginations the billionaire press still exerts combined by highly effective and misleading use of social media. This is a global phenomenon. Something huge has changed.”
  • “If there is a formula for how to do it, there must also be a formula for how to resist it.”
    • Defend ourselves from fake news and lies via digital literacy (like Finland has done) – a coalition against fake news
    • Replace top-down politics by ‘political rewilding’ – a system that is run and owned by the people – genuine people-owned grassroots politics around the world – at the municipal level – success becomes contagious between local authorities – ‘and then it’s much harder for the oligarchs to get a grip over political life’. [LSAs… – local consultative assemblies]
    • Attend to the short term crisis faced in this country caused by continued austerity, exclusion and marginalisation, and the xenophobia, racism and hatred fomented by the Prime Minister and central govt policy (eg hostile environment; targeting Romani Gypsies and travellers) => “So the first thing we need to do is stand in solidarity with everyone who is likely to be victimised by this government. We double down on our efforts to help the people who are being marginalised… No one must be left to face the consequences of this election alone.”
    • Maintain hope, via the possibility that this election may spark a new conversation about our political system and how it needs to change to become more democratic.

So I’m now working with a few thoughts:

  1. My sense of the new era of consciousness emerging is no longer a weird, kooky concept which I have to keep silent about. Thanks to the forces of ego/darkness – and the internet – for making things so weird that the previously underground, imperceptible ‘signs of the times’ (ty, G) have now become fully visible and are prompting mass awakening.
  2. There are mainstream people acting as ‘resonant archetypes’ (for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly) meaning we have vocal people we can use as anchors for networked thought and action – to a degree we have never seen before.
  3. Arising from this, I realise:
  • I no longer need to be the binary person I have been for years, hiding my true colours in case it made me unemployable…
  • I have the opportunity to stand up and be counted amongst those resonating for unity in diversity
  • I have networks and platforms I can contribute to, safely now
  • It’s time to speak up and out, because this last election showed (as Monbiot discusses) that the ego-based folks have rolled their frickin’ sleeves up
  • I have been blogging/journalling privately for years – I could shift out of the cover of privacy and add to the body of text that is pro-unity
  • I don’t need to share the heart on my sleeve with ‘elegant words‘ – instead I can share ideas, techniques and tools, like a conveyor belt of cool  and practicable concepts.
  • To do this, I may need to give up my journalling here, or rather, shift my writing to the visible, and use my love of writing to perform a helpful function in the world at this time of intense division and need for optimism.
  • This seems to come under the heading of
    • Share What I Know or
    • Share Tools

So now, voice of all True Reason. What sayest you?

As above, we say now it is imperative to share what you know. Since the 11:11 days of your teenage years you have been studying and preparing for the period in which you would serve as a contributor. You have sloughed off a fair degree of expectation, vanity and pride around your writing, and are now more poised to act as a work horse. To be truly of use in this important field, your ‘habitual’ life needs to be as clean, regimented (in the soft, balanced aspie way, not some punishing way) and streamlined as possible. There is a great deal one can contribute, if the focus is there. 

Like Shoghi Effendi.

Exactly. He knew his mission. Learn yours well. 

Mission 2020: Make mediation mainstream by sharing the tools of consensus, consultation and collaboration.

How are we defining ‘tool’?

Cambridge dictionary: ‘anything that helps you to do something you want to do’

And what do you want to do?

Reduce division and conflict; increase unity and love.

And so what sort of tools do you have in mind?

The sort of tools I have in mind are highly practical and memorable, and include

  • the methods and processes of mediation
  • the psychological concepts which support us to be more at ease with ourselves and others
  • the spiritual insights which bring relief from fear and the perceived need for discord
  • the practices of unity consciousness

And in what sort of ways will you share these tools? 

I will share these tools via

  • My trainings
  • My conflict resolution work
  • My writing via my website
  • My talks

My ongoing question is really about the vehicle I use… Help here pls.

Who/what are the resonant archetypes you want to network with? 

Well, they are individuals not organisations, I note. That’s kind of a helpful insight.

I went into Twitter again… and  spotted this new George Monbiot video/edit:

Monbiot again:

  • “Just as the adults in power are shedding responsibility like nothing before, we see young people adopting responsibility. It’s almost like the children are the adults and the adults are the children. The roles have reversed.”
  • “We have this incredibly powerful and inspiring fightback through self-organised resistance led primarily by young people, and that’s very exciting.”

Share tools with young people, and gain tools from them. 

Ah, young people.

Yes. It’s time. 

I’m not sure I resonate for them any more.

Then adapt yourself. You will feel all the better for it.

This is your future, this is their future. This is why you were immersed in this world. 

Be resonant, with your children’s generation – and let them inform you of what they know, for they are evolved creatures just a step ahead of the times they are currently living in. With humility and happiness, share what you have learnt about mind, body and communication with them – and yes, share the lessons, teachings and tools of the spirit too. Why, to encourage, to empower and to unleash the immense potential in each soul. The True Person does not hoard, but shares for the unfolding evolution of the Earth’s story. 

Oh God. You know this is a big thing for me. You really know. I need your blessing on this. I need to know how to communicate mutually with the upcoming generation in a way that is as wholesome, as pure and as selfless as they are. Settle me. May I be found simple enough to do this work. Why don’t I feel welcome? Why do I feel like I would be impinging, and taking liberties. Why do I feel the words ‘Ok, boomer’ busting forth?

Take the role of behind the scenes mentor and encourager, not on-stage preacher. Think of Stormzy’s mentor, Twin B.

I am literally in coils about this….

Relax. Calm down. Step up.  We’ve been here before and you wouldn’t go there. This call will not go away. 

But there’s so much to learn and understand – these digital natives are in a different world. And my youngest especially would hate me to intrude on this world.

Be not an intruder. You are being there for those who are ready and in need. Be kind enough to be a support to those who need an older ally. Be an outspoken resonant archetype so that your fellow frequency travellers can find you. #PeaceFreq.

Like Helen Bevan on Twitter:

It really is as simple as that. Teach what you’ve learnt; have a sense of your community. TRUST us, that while yourGen cannot ‘hear’ you, others (the New Gens) will.

I’m really ashamed and bashful to say this, but I need to work this theme out: I partly turned towards the older generation because they can pay for what I do…

Do not under-estimate the spending power of the next generations. It just looks different, and must be earned via authenticity. Nothing will test your ability to abandon your professional masks, society bollocks and burnout jazzhands more than bringing value to the younger generation. Ok? You asked for freedom from lies, burnout and efforting. This is where that freedom is to be found. Bring respect, humility and purest love. 

And remember this from today’s reading:

True Persons do not hoard.

Using all they have for others, they still have more.

Giving all they have to others, they are richer than before.

You have done your time. Give to the next generation all you have: stand in solidarity with them. Do not hoard the learning of your lifetime. Your sharing of tools will encourage them to do their own learning and find their own voice. And breathe a sigh of relief that now, you no longer have to scrape and forelock tug to the grown ups. You are the grown up and you have love in your heart. Resonate, dear archetype. 

I am ready to … I am ready to resonate with the frequency of peace… I am ready to stand up and be counted. I am ready to gift all I have to the next bearers of peace, so that they can be skilled, confident and competent – adding to what we have learnt the blessings of their own evolved consciousness.

Remain on the compassion stool – keen to relieve suffering without becoming overcome by empathy. Do what it takes to be useful. 

Amen to that. I am ready to be useful… to the new generations. At 45, I’m halfway through a 90 year long life, and it’s time to stop advancing myself, and turn round to support those now doing the advancing. I am ready to stand up, speak up and be useful to the NewGens.

In 2020 may my…

  • mind: share tools with the Newgens
  • body: be vibrantly energised
  • spirit and soul: resonate with the peace frequency (peace, unity, love and light)
  • relationships: be blessed, wholesome, loving and nourishing
  • words: be inspired by the highest knowing and wisest insight
  • habits: be disciplined that I may experience freedom

In 2020 may I stand up, share tools and hold the sovereignty that is my gift from my soul to me. I am free now to answer to my own soul, to rise up to serve the new generations with all my heart, to overthrough my fear of the Other and trust entirely in the sovereign perfection of each human on Earth. In the name of all that is pure, true and holy, and in honour of the highest peak of human experience, I affirm with my heart, body, mind and soul, that…

I am a sovereign being

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