Peak 19: I am neither ‘for’ nor ‘against’

Neither grasping for fleeing

Neither craving nor rejecting

Neither attraction nor aversion

Neither for nor against

… but rather calm, poised and observing in all situations. Equanimous.

Tiara Kumara talks about expanding into that ‘vaster self’ which recognises itself as part of the one unified consciousness in which All exists. This, as opposed to the ’emoting self’ which constantly rejects this, that and the other… Your thoughts?

To be free of the eternal need to judge (good/bad, right/wrong, acceptable/unacceptable) is to be able to access greater sources of clean energy than ever before. It is not that judgement itself is bad (how ironic would that be), but rather that it is an energy drain. With renewed energy levels attained from switching off the Judgement systems, the ‘vaster field’ becomes more accessible.

What is the ‘vaster field’?

The full range of experiences available to us on a ‘resonance’ level.

Please explain.

First, know that non-judgement is not the same as ‘shrugging indifference’. It is a very conscious, active practice. And extremely delicate.

Take the case of the senate ruling in Alabama this week, banning abortion in virtually all cases. Consider two paths of response.

Our emoting self raises up, like a warrior, in indignance, disgust and righteous anger to defend our fellow women from the extraordinary ability of ’25 white men’ to believe themselves capable and competent of making such an eye-watering decision, over the heads of women, and doctors.

(Breathe, sweetheart.)

Our vaster self recognises that the emoting self has, in an instant, fed the frequency field that these 25 individuals occupy – furthermore, they have not been damaged by our ire, but nourished by it. The pinpoint centre of a tight, furious, low-frequency tornado of heavy consciousness has been made stronger.

Our vaster self takes that long breath, and opens up the well of immense softness inside, from which she ushers forth a whole firmament of compassion for All That Is (including manifest error) and she focuses her attention on her LOVE for the women, for their children born and unborn, for the men who will step forward to instigate unwanted pregnancies, for the 25 senators who somehow believed themselves the rightful arbiters and gatekeepers of others’ morality and welfare…

And in that instant, a finer, purer, healing frequency has been accessed, fed, nourished, awakened, by our heartfelt state. And the collective resonance of ‘upwardness and openness’ has been contributed to. The pinpoint centre of the tornado has been loosened by the upper reaches of the collective consciousness expanding outwards in love.



I am neither ‘for’ nor ‘against’

PS. This morning I woke up at 5.55am on the 15th of the 5th, with (apparently) 5 steps on my Fitbit. I’ve looked up the meaning of 555: ‘be open to positive change; evolution; conscious choices.’ Nice. I’m up for all of that.

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