Peak 21: I am living cleanly and thinking cleanly – no junk added

The focus on being replenished by good energy has given me the benefit of resting my attention on ‘Good Energy Sources’ (sights, people, moments, conversation styles, inner states) and on the feeling of incoming energy. It’s been uplifting.

Simultaneously, I have felt ready to let go of some of my inner heaviness. I am ready to flush out the tension, the heaviness, the blockages, the held energy, the gripped feelings.

I am ready to flush myself out physically too. I’ve decided to try to give myself 5 days of Low-Carb Gluten-Free Vegan eating (from Sun evening to Friday evening), and just see what happens. My period’s due, so I feel bloated to bursting anyway, so hopefully I can just run with a good sensation of ‘letting go’ of the old.

What do you mean by ‘the old’?

The used up and depleted, but also the old paradigm energy stuff. For example, I’m now nearly 5 months sober, and I know (having just been present for a very boozy house party weekend) that the old version of me would have been swept away by the alcohol.

And the new paradigm you? 

Hm, I’m not sure I’m quite owning her yet… I am half way there with the things I’ve ‘given up’… but not fully, so maybe I’m not getting the full experience of…

Clean living? 

Maybe… What do you see going on in me?

Clean living. Clean living in various respects. We see you tidying up your thoughts (less negative, judging, ‘short-changing’, reductive or reactive thinking). We see you spring-cleaning old, chugged-up cupboards, habits and practices. That simplifying you were after for many months – it’s starting to happen. The streamlining of your life is looking more possible. 

I’m still not financially stable for the year ahead…

But you did only come off means-tested benefits (UC) this month, let’s note! That’s four years of illness and non-/under-employment, and you’ve cracked the conundrum only just now – by diligence, faith and courage! Can you appreciate what you’ve achieved?! 

Ha! Yes, I can do that.

‘Clean living’ includes ‘clean thinking’ – which includes appreciating what you’ve achieved, and leading with that ‘optimising’ mental state. Just like the ‘Clean Questions‘ approach to asking questions, we aim to avoid adding any extra noise, doubt, dissonance, provocation of the spirit… 

gtg. Is it about cleaning living today?

It’s about taking a ‘clean questions’ approach to living and thinking. With no extra noise, or ‘junk’ being added. 

I am living cleanly and thinking cleanly – no junk added

Awesome. Thanks.

Clean Language Questions
Clean Language Questions




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