Peak 46: I am getting energised

Following yesterday’s stirling, strong words, I went on to have a very difficult, stressful morning with unexpected events occurring, and also… my goodness… spotting in the news the devastating picture of certain MEPs with their backs turned to the Ode to Joy at the inauguration of the new European Parliament. I realised too I’d had under 5.5 hours sleep for 3 consecutive nights. Overall, I felt completely overwhelmed – with sadness and exhaustion. So, in the spirit of embracing discomfort to attain mastery, I gave myself three strategies:

  1. Feel the feelings – embrace them and give voice to them. G was completely amazing in being a listening ear, and also asking me questions later in the day to help me think what I would need to do ahead in order to recover.
  2. Fitness first – I prioritised physical and mental fitness, rather than the urgent-feeling work items. I slept, I went for an hour long bike ride.  I actually thought about and did the ‘helpful coping mechanisms’ aspect of the Stress Container exercise I teach. And to support that, I also created/revised my daily tasks list that builds on the MEDS protocols for prioritising all the daily self-care activities that fend of ‘crisis’ feelings in my stress container. And I put them in a timetracking app called ATracker. Meet the:
  3. MEDSAN Protocols – a daily dose of: 
    1. Meditation & QT & Writing (1h)
    2. Exercise (1h)
    3. Diet (breakfast) (30m)
    4. Shower & Dress (30m)
    5. Admin (& Emails & Invoicing) (1h)
    6. Networks (BusDev/Blogs) OR Nap if required (1h)

Obviously, I completely love that the MEDS now have a little sibling called MEDSAN. 😀

Embracing the discomfort of task shifting (really hard for the Aspie brain) and truly doing the matters of self-care as a priority BEFORE work things except on days of being out training all day – but also ensuring I have fewer ‘out’ days in the week where work prohibits the MEDSAN activities – sounds good to me.

This is about ENERGISING myself to self-care SO THAT I can be clear-headed to do my work, and also have the inner strength to define my work (say no, put myself forward as me and my business, be less of a maleable gun for hire to support others’ ventures…).

I would like to make the phrase Fitness First my leading goal phrase for Q3 of the year, with the MEDSAN protocols as the tool.

At the end of Q3 I have a special wedding to go to in the Mediterranean. Wouldn’t it be great to be physically fit and mentally agile by then?! How about that as a goal? It would involve embracing so much discomfort – carb withdrawal, candida die-off symptoms, high-energy exercise, mental discipline to sleep and not binge on food… The rewards would be, not just looking better, but being master of my own body. At the moment, I’m dragging my body around. It makes me sad… Anyway… as you can see I’m a bit hopped up this morning. Thoughts?

We LOVE the idea of you energising yourself. And absolutely, FITNESS FIRST is a beautiful way forward! You have so much in your body to come out – both stored feelings and innate creativity. 

I remember that Reality Transurfing makes getting energised a central tenet of the thinking.

Yes! Getting energised is key to dancing with the universe. Consider that fitness to be both physical and mental, but know that physical boosts are very clarifying for the brain and mind.

Fitness First as a leading priority, before/above Work – because my work is literally only going to be sustainable if I am physically strong, and able to slough off the stress and micro-traumas picked up along the way of talking with highly upset people. I so want to be of use in this world. May I be in a grounded, fit, ready state!

In recent months, you’ve made exercise the last thing on the list typically. Now you are putting it high up the daily agenda. That is super. You are carving out your own days more effectively. You are becoming more anchored and less likely to drift according to the winds arising from others’ general requests for you to support their ventures. In this way, you will become more available for the casework which uplifts and fulfils you. Amen. 

This is exactly it. I need to be so super-grounded to do the work I am here to do. Becoming physically fit, like Wonder Woman, is the way to be ready for the work. Ah Wonder Woman, my childhood hero…

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Yes! Ok, so Physical Fitness First is going to be my Goal for Q3, with the MEDSAN protocols as my methodology, ‘Embrace Discomfort’ as my motto, and Wonder Woman my mascot. (My Q2 goal was financial stability, and to be honest, I think I pretty much cracked it. Amazing.)

Q3 Goal: Physical Fitness First (FFF)

Q3 Protocols: Daily MEDSAN

Q3 Motto: ‘Embrace Discomfort; Attain Mastery’

Q3 Mascot: Wonder Woman

Q3 Vision: Fit and energised for the Mediterranean Wedding

I love it. Ok. The mission I’m taking away from today is about getting energised to dance with the universe.

Beautiful. You have got this. You truly have. Re-entering your own body, reclaiming your psychic power, anchoring your will upon your days, honouring self-care as a sine qua non of Working in this Field – these are the fundamentals of wellbeing. As long as Discomfort is interpreted as ‘passage through an open door’, rather than being considered a closed door or barrier to shrink away from, then we are birthing all the new ways that the heart desires. 

Yes. I love it. Thank you.

I am getting energised


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