Peak 48: I am tapping into stillness

This commitment to a sustainable work pattern… In terms of ‘peak experiences’, I know subconsciously that this simple, ‘one jam flavour’ pattern won’t be as stimulating and exciting as my current ‘multi-flavour jam, finger-in-the-socket’ pattern.

You are right. What a relief because if your nervous system gets any more stimulation or excitement it might well…

…Blow a gasket again. Adrenal fatigue. I know, I’m there again. Ok. Thank you. Good reminder. Teach me about settling into non-burnout lifestyle. How do I learn to love and trust simplicity as a way of life, not just something I crave when I’ve overcooked myself?

Remind yourself of your beautiful, unique system. Your wiring. Your sensing brain. Your Aspie gifts of empathy and knowing.

Well to be frank, since you mention my brain, I was contemplating how I probably get super hopped-up as a way to counter ongoing anhedonia. [Inability to feel pleasure at normal things…] I honestly think I broke my joy sensors along the way, as the things other people get excited about, and anticipate, often leave me unmoved.

Ah, beautifully put. Ok. Perfect. Hear this: You are trying to grow your new joy sensors. You felt them emerging on your weekend away, didn’t you? Your new joy sensors are based on tapping into immense stillness.

Really?! Then how am I meant to earn a living in this noisy world and feel joy then?!?! There’s no ‘immense stillness’ in the outside world!!

How about the idea of interacting with the world, on a 1:1 basis, 2h a day..?

Aha, and then using the rest of the time to tap into immense stillness? I get it. I hear you. I’m hearing you. I’m getting it. Ty. May I absorb this knowing! May I learn to develop my new joy sensors by tapping into immense stillness. I’ll start by going off and doing my meditation… All is well. All is still… Thank you.

Start by tapping into stillness. The immensity and joy will take care of itself. You are deeply loved.

I am tapping into stillness

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