Peak 78: I am spiralling in light

Time to get grateful for all that’s spiralling into my sphere…

  • Two weeks of starting to follow Medical Medium’s protocols, which I’m currently interpreting for myself as: plant-powered, virtually vegan, roughly raw, fat frugal, grazing green. I’m starting to notice the benefits. I’m relieved not to be assaulting my body with fats and meat that I clearly could not process. I’m now reading Liver Rescue, and it’s making so much sense of my tiredness, brain fog and feeling of being ‘clogged’. Ty AW. 
  • My MEDSAN protocols are going beautifully & I’m so so grateful:
    • (Kitchen: juicing / coffee)
    • Meditation and QT at 7.30am
    • Exercise – woodland walk and home ‘gym’ at 9.30am
    • Diet – chop chop chop – Fruit & Veg salad, lemon water, supplements – for 11am lunch
    • Shower – to be ready to ‘open the shop’ (start work) at 12 noon. I’ve stated on my email signature that my working hours are 12-5pm so no longer feel work angst in the mornings. I typically run to 6 or 7, which is fine. Going to bed knowing my morning is clear for MEDS makes a world of difference.
    • Admin – emails/planning/stacking/clearing at 12
    • Networking (marketing/blog) – at 1pm – tbh this is the hardest to get to because Admin takes so long, and then there’s the Client work to do..
    • Then, all importantly, the actual S of MEDS, Sleep: I am consistently calling ‘quittin’ time’ at 9am, and that allows me to unwind, read and then turn the light off at 10ish… meaning when I wake naturally at 6am, I’m getting good sleep.
  • My work has been going well, especially due to my new Projects sheet, which helps me keep track of all the major projects going on. It’s intense. There’s been no training work over summer, only case work, and for that I’m profoundly grateful as I needed to catch up mentally. Furthemore, my current cases are so so moving. I’m so grateful to have been granted them.
  • My girls are thriving, exploring and adventuring
  • My G is beautiful, inside and out
  • We have a nurturing, calm, peaceful home in the countryside

I’m ready for today’s learning.

-14- Look at it, you cannot see it. It is invisible. Listen to it, you cannot hear it. It is inaudible. Reach for it, you cannot grasp it. It is intangible. These three qualities are unfathomable and so they fuse together and become one. The upper part is not bright. The lower part is not dark. Ceaselessly the Unnamed moves back to nothingness. It has the form of the formless, the image of the imageless. It is indefinable and shadowy. Go up to it and you will not see its front. Follow it and you will not see its back. Yet, hold fast to this ancient Tao and you will experience the present now-moment. Know its beginnings and you can follow the path of the Tao. (Tao Te Ching Chap 14)

The Tao (way) is invisible, inaudible, intangible, unfathomable, formless, imageless, indefinable and shadowy – and it ceaselessly moves back to nothingness. Hold fast to it (or ‘abide with it’ in another translation) to ‘experience the present now-moment.’

How can one hold fast to, or abide with, something so inscrutable?

The suspension of disbelief is the route to all inner peace. 

Really? Why?

Disbelief is like a blackhole – it only consumes light, leaving nothing of goodness in return. Belief, on the other hand, transmutes darkness into light. But the process of transmuting darkness, or ignorance, or more perfectly put, ‘unknowing‘, is a delicate business. 

Tell me more… What is this delicate business? What is ‘unknowing’? And what is it transmuted to?

Unknowing is the precursor to knowing. Knowing, however, has many attributes. For example, I can think I know all about a topic, but a) be missing a whole lot of information and/or b) have an erroneous understanding. Transmuting unknowing to true knowing is like walking through a darkened room. One must proceed very delicately, carefully and deliberately so as not to stub one’s toe or walk into a wall. One must extend all one’s senses, reaching ‘feelers’ and fingers out to discern the path. One must be prepared to take time. One must be ready to keep going until one finds the door handle at the other end and opens the door. 

Instead, what sometimes happens is that one’s eyes adjust to the dim light of the darkened room, at which point faded outlines become visible, and the person stops and proclaims the journey to enlightenment complete! 

I hear you. I also think, sometimes in life, when we yearn for that breakthrough to the dawn / blinding light / open door / new horizon moment, we can forget to experience normal life, and we can grow dissatisfied with ‘what is’. This happens especially after any gifted glimpses of the sparkle-dazzle-fireworks… Normal life can feel disappointing!!

Ah, you are talking about the fireworks which the soul supplies to awaken the person. Yes! They are delicious. However, the awakened soul then eventually uses that initiated journey of exploration (in search of those fireworks!) to discover something more subtle, more penetrating. Inner fireworks. 

Oooooh. Man. Ok. Yes. I’ve had glimpses of those babies too. So… Why don’t I practice the practices that give me (or could give me) that good stuff? The deep meditations, the shamanic drumming groups, the qigong retreats, the breath work (EE), the bodywork, the healing modalities, the religious ceremonies, the sublime music concerts, the kundalini yoga workshops, the dance festivals, the past life regression therapy…. Hm? I don’t know… Money? Sense of my own ‘age’? Focus on being ‘professional’? Still in sensible ‘parent’ mode?

‘Ceaselessly the Unnamed moves back to nothingness.’ 

Where’s the line between a) apathetically just not doing stuff, and b) being a spiritual being zen-ing out on the simplest aspects of normal life?

There are some things the Mind cannot work out. 

But the Spirit or Heart presumably can… Suspension of disbelief. Belief. Faith. The inner fireworks, not the outer. Maybe some of those ‘activities’ I mention are actually activating the emotions, or tickling us psychologically. They are for excitement, but not necessarily growth? Help me here…

Your ‘spiralling in’ is an awakening, stirring process – if you so choose. 

Sure. I do! I would like an awakening, stirring, though I ask that it may be smooth, gentle, enlivening and yet settling.

May I awaken myself through conscious ‘spiralling in’. May we all gently be awakened through conscious spiralling in. May this planet gently, gradually draw in light, like a Light Hole which gathers, gathers, gathers and concentrates the energy of light, of love, of healing, of wellbeing, of true knowing. May each of us fill up our ‘dan tiens‘ (qigong term for inner energy stores) with pure, positive energy, and connect to heaven and earth simultaneously, for the good of all beings and all consciousness.

To gather in Light is a beautiful practice. Softly does it. Brightly does it. Remaining simple, we draw in light as a spiral, suspending disbelief, comfortable to move ceaselessly back to nothingness that we may experience the present now-moment.

I am spiralling in light


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