Peak 81: I am nourished by the Always-So

I am getting close, oh my goodness, to FLICKING THE SWITCH internally, from…

State A: Seeks relief and respite and recovery from Outside Self (Rescue Remedy, Facebook zone out, books, food, cup of tea, Vicks vapor snorter, rest, revving up..)


State B: Seeks relief and respite and recovery from Inside Self. No resources required. The good stuff comes from dunking oneself in the Always-So by going deep inside to tap into the eternal stillness within. Like an inner cenote of relief.

Yes! You go within and ‘hold peace’.

To the degree I can rest in stillness in the storm, I am able to self-charge on the inside. It’s super-elusive though!!

Years of old habits to break softly and with utmost compassion. 

Let’s read…

-17- The best leader is one whose existence is barely known by the people. Next comes one whom they love and praise. Next comes one they fear. Next comes one they defy. If you do not trust enough, you will not be trusted. True Persons do not offer words lightly. When their task is accomplished and their work is completed, the people say, “It happened to us naturally.” (Tao Te Ching, chap 17)

This is really good advice for my work today when I will be mediating between two colleagues. I’m trying to work out how much to lead, and how much just to facilitate their own conversation. I guess this is saying they should ‘barely’ notice my presence or role, and that I should ‘trust’ in them in order to ‘be trusted’ by them. May I not offer words lightly and may they finish saying ‘It happened to us naturally.’ May this be a Good Day for All.

Ok… Let me go in and listen to you…. [Silent meditation – cafetiere-style]

I am nourished by the Always-So

This. May we all be nourished by the Always-So, the eternal well within. May it become something we all learn to do! Instead of holding our breath to survive, may we draw gulps of fresh oxygen from the great I Am within. May we learn to step out of the temporal as soon as we find ourselves wheel-spinning or gasping for air, sustenance or respite. May we know exactly how to rest in the stillness of the Always-So immediately. And so it is. Always.

I am nourished by the Always-So



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