Peak 88: I am praying for courage

Having my Heart take centre-stage is an intangible thing – but putting ‘the invitation’ out there is not.

I was pondering in my wakefulness in the middle of last night, upon the ‘Gordian knot‘ of my thinking around anonymity and being upfront and public about my real thinking. Just before I slipped off to sleep, I caught sight of the Gordian know as a wall around my heart…

Let’s go easy on these images. Maybe it’s simply that there is timeliness to be considered. 

Ok. Yes. Good. More later on this?

In another kind of post. 

Got it.

-24- The person on tiptoe is not steady. The person with legs astride cannot walk. Those who look only at themselves see little. Those who justify themselves are not distinguished. Those who brag have no merit. The work of prideful people will not endure. From the standpoint of the Tao, these things are “excessive food and tumours of the body.” As they bring sickness, followers of the Tao do not linger around them. (Tao Te Ching, chap 24)

The theme here appears to be pride, arrogance, vaunting, hubris or as Stenudd puts it, with a good dose of compassion, a world full of ‘self-appointed stars‘. Hm, an interesting chapter in light of my question above around ‘anonymity and being upfront and public about my real thinking’. I know what’s going on in that question, and it is to do with, hm, being ‘special’.

But what about being helpful?


I’m reading Simon Haas’s book on Yoga and The Dark Night of the Soul. He talks about Bhakti yoga as the yoga loving service.

Teach AJ. 

Yes? How do I know?

Do it.


***10 med with Insight Timer***

Arising in meditation:

‘Pray for courage, and then follow instructions courageously’

Ok. Today I pray for courage. I think I see the link here with today’s Tao Te Ching chapter. It takes courage to be authentic; it doesn’t take courage to brag or boast or justify oneself. Right?

The courageous person must often do the things the ‘proud’ part of them would flee from.

I’ll keep an eye on this. Am I being proud or courageous in any one moment. This will be a good guide or barometer to where my heart and mind are at.

Pride or courage? Courage or pride? What’s leading in this moment?

I am praying for courage


Later in the day this appeared on FB from Matt Kahn:

Quote from Matt Kahn on the ego



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