Pivot 124: I am daydreaming with Mary Poppins

Funnily enough, the Abraham talk on my walk yesterday turned out to be on ‘getting out ahead of it’. It’s about point-setting your vibrational reality by choice, as opposed to by reaction or response. “Life is supposed to be fun; effort less.”

Here’s another portion of a talk, explaining how we are wise to look less at ‘what is’ (old news, the reality of old vibrational frequency) and tuning to a frequency via focussing or segment intending…

From this video – How to do Segment Intending:

  • I recognise a new segment is about to start  (eg. getting in a car to go somewhere; a new person arrives to a group)
  • Anticipate the new segment and stake your vibrational claim to it in advance, or as it starts: “I’m going to be alert and intuitive; I’m going to go to a new place in this segment; I’m turning up in a new vibrational state; I’m anticipating ease, relief, fun, new possibilities.”
  • Be a Creator of new realities, not a Regurgitator of the old/usual/tired reality
  • I’m going to find snatches of time, when I let myself daydream…
  • Daydreaming is calling the cooperative components in…
  • Daydreaming is sensed from the vortex, out ahead of where you stand, sense clear space, receptive mode… tuned in tapped in turned on
  • Daydreaming is resonating vibrationally with the Vortex and it demonstrates glimpses of what’s inside it; glimpses of ‘pleasing things’
  • “The vortex will start demonstrating to you in the form of Daydreams. Little snatches of time. You’ll get glimpses of things, you’ll get glimpses of pleasing things And we want you to know the importance and the power of that. And we want you most of all to feel the purity of it. In the purity of it is the power, in the ‘no-contradicting’ it with any kind of reality. What you’re going to begin to notice is that first in will be a little infrequent, but it will become more and more frequent. And once you get hold of a piece of something and you let yourself go into it and your mind begins rolling with it, manifestations will begin to line up right away – everything that you are ready for. Once you accomplish that, you can do that in two or three minutes time. We are not kidding you. You can feel the fullness of it.”

I guess this daydreaming is what is really meant by ‘letting the silence speak to me’?

Exactly. In silence, your vortex can speak to you and give you glimpses of what’s there, out ahead of you, to let in, to receive. The answer to all your sortings and siftings. All there. Waiting for you to come and get it. 

A couple of weeks ago, as we were driving into town for a visit for the first time in weeks, G asked me what I’d do if we won the lottery. I said, without thinking, it would be great to get a big house with room for workshops on conflict resolution. “I’d call it the School of Dialogue.” I’d never even heard that phrase – School of Dialogue – before let alone pondered it!

So, I guessed the concept must have come from a place inside me that I could access directly because, on a day when all things seemed possible as we were going into town for the first time after months of global lockdown, we were talking in ‘fantasy’ – aka day dreaming. And so, this week, I just went ahead and got that new ball rolling as a social media channel. G did me a beautiful logo…

So silence is one way to get glimpses from your vortex, and talking in fantasy terms is too. Wherever you can circumvent the voice of reason, you have access to the voice of your inner being. 

Epic. I shall do my meditation practice, and lull my voice of reason to sleep for a brief while…

Meditation is the invitation to the voice of the inner being – it says, speak to me of what you know. 


So voice of my inner being, watcha daydreaming today?

Oh you know, just the normal. Mary Poppins in her best dress; all the interviews; singing the songs of yore; ballerinas in the air… 

Uhuh. Cool! And today…? We have a few segments ahead. Can we daydream in to those?

Mary Poppins in her best dress; all the interviews; singing the songs of yore; ballerinas in the air… 

What’s going on?

We’re saying, follow the daydreaming bread crumbs – whatever they look like. Be careful not to dismiss any of them. They may be there to catch your attention, and lead you to something more nuanced. Ask yourself, what is it about ‘Mary Poppins in her best dress; all the interviews; singing the songs of yore; ballerinas in the air…‘ that resonates for you? 

It reminds me a little of teaching, at my best. I guess I sometimes felt like a Mary Poppins – gathered, collected, decent, creative, empowered, empowering, a little bit magical, connecting, communicating, exchanging, exploring together, new heights, confidence growing, self-esteem blossoming for all, inner wisdom developing.

There we go. Wouldn’t it be fun to play with Mary Poppins today? 








Yes. I guess…

In Mary Poppins you have all that you love. Order, decency, kindness, wisdom, structure, principles, humour, passion… 

She’s my Aspie dream.

Exactly. So remember, it’s meant to be fun to day dream. And choosing your ‘character’ is a great way into daydreaming. So daydream with Mary Poppins today. Draw and doodle and keep the juices flowing. This is your segment intention for today. Enjoy it! 

This sounds fun. I will try it. Thank you for this.

I am daydreaming with Mary Poppins today

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