Pivot 136: I am running with the fun of it

So of course the last couple of days have been a merry explosion of ‘invitations’ to attack thoughts…! It’s been interesting to watch myself slip and slide into expressing criticism of others… behind their back. Sometimes I’d see my spoken criticism about others as ‘letting off steam’… I think it’s still a poor use of my voice. Cannot I not let off steam with a bit of a walk or bike ride instead? Why do I need to levy my heavy complaints at my beloved housemates? They don’t need that in their day! There’s some vibrational housekeeping for me to do here!

All that said, most of the time, my complaints have been expelled and let go of quickly, and I have been in good spirits – super productive and less likely to follow the flibbertigibbets. I’m really pleased and grateful for this. I feel Abraham – listened to daily over lockdown! – is re-educating my spirit and mind. And body… as I literally feel the wellbeing in my body. Tysm Abraham.

Today. Let’s go in.


Oh wow…. ACIM-MT14 is exquisite! For me this chapter encapsulates the whole of ACIM sublimely. Just this quote alone is so rich in meaning to me…

M-14.2. Until forgiveness is complete, the world does have a purpose. 2 It becomes the home in which forgiveness is born, and where it grows and becomes stronger and more all-embracing. 3 Here is it nourished, for here it is needed.

I was reminded – thank you! – of how ‘forgiveness’ underpins my work! I am in the business of forgiveness. THAT is why I went into mediation – not ‘just’ because I wanted to give a voice to vulnerable people. I originally knew that mediation was about fostering, brokering, midwifing, birthing… forgiveness!

And in that moment of remembrance, like unleashing the next level in a game, I got a vision of the social media posts I’ve been trying to understand for my new initiative SoD. It’s about quotes! It’s about sayings! People – we – need new phrases, new scripts, new question formats in order to be able to speak deeply to one another.

In teaching mental health first aid this week, I told my participants, ‘the best thing you can do in this course is capture sentences/phrases/questions which you can use in your conversations with someone in crisis.’ It’s the same in the suicide prevention training I do, and the new bereavement training I gave yesterday. People need new phrases in their repertoire. And that is what I’ve been collecting all my life, I believe.

As an autistic person who can sense more than she can easily express, and who  conversely is hit hard by the dull thud of others’ insensitive speech, over time I have made a project of collecting ways of expressing what I want to say, truthfully and yet sensitively. I am by no means there. But I have a library of sayings… and an appetite for more. It’s what made my plays take off too… the sayings… especially verbatim from people I was working with… The scripts. That’s what we are talking about.


So, I’ve just started a new note book for SoD Sayings…. or Scripts? idk yet.

I’m running late and haven’t let you get a word in edgeways yet…

What a fantastically fun project you are unleashing here. We love it. Run with the fun of it! 

My SoD Sayings notebook? Thank you!! I will.

Today is indeed about FUN. Run with the fun of it. That is all for today! 

Gotcha! And hats off to my beloved Mum who knew this all along!

I am running with the fun of it




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