Presence 16: I am future visioning

Flipping to the Positive Vision is powerful. It channels my mental energy into generating for the Good, not ruminating or chuntering and thus adding manifestational manna to the Unwanted.

This morning I’ve read the Navigational Guidance for the Presence Process. So much wisdom.

This is the invitation: to embrace the art of living life consciously. This is the journey: to awaken from time and become present now, in this world. This is the promise: to become available and useful. This is the gift: experiential awareness of Presence through present moment awareness. The Presence Process by Michael Brown p94

And I stumbled on this description by Michael Brown of ‘navigating our experiences’ which I will use in today’s case.

Let’s meditate.

***Lee Holden Qi med – 9 mins***

With my new Qigong training, the Presence Process starting, and my current mediation cases which are stretching me to rely on deeper knowing, I really feel as though I’m stepping into a new level of activity. It feels like a beautiful outcome of the lockdown period. Also, I’ve almost lost 1.5 stone since March, so I’m feeling better and more energised too.

I set the intention of my Presence process to be ‘receptive to Presence’. This is explicitly suggested (p113) and it seems more open than intending to ‘integrate emotional charge’… though I intend that too. I like the principle of The PP of ‘no drama’. Receptive to Presence seems simple enough. Any thoughts?

It is fair to say that you are shifting into a new learning paradigm, which also connotes a new teaching paradigm. In your work you are becoming better able to teach people the skills of conflict resolution for themselves. You are better at modelling them consciously, as opposed to unconsciously or as ‘masking’. 

I am keen to learn learning while my mind remains fresh and receptive. Please dear Lord help me attain wisdom that may last so I might be a good, helpful, kind, joyful presence in my later years.

This is a good intention to set. 

What is your advice for me today, as I travel to my first in-person mediation case since JANUARY!

Relax. As Michael Brown says equip yourself with the emotional intention, the mental preparation and the physical necessities, and step back as much as you can in the conversation. Let the parties find their own way, led by the process you set. Constantly seek permission. Do not force or steam roller. Invite, suggest, create and hold space. Be sincere. Do not oblige anyone to enter your activities if they are not keen. Hold consummate respect for each individual, and trust that they know their way through. You can help them to equip themselves with an emotional intention. Ask them to dwell upon how they want to feel at the end of the meeting (as per Brown). That will be of value. Coach them on navigating, sensing, observing uncomfortable emotions. Allow everyone the opportunity to sense their emotions and be with them, recognising that emotions are ‘energy in motion’ arising for integration, appreciation and acknowledgment. Teach your clients that our emotions must be acknowledged and accepted  and honoured by us before we can ask anyone else to respond to them. 

Teach them to ask, ‘What is this emotion trying to teach me about me?’ Know that the answer will always be a loving one. And if the answer is about A.N.Other, then it is coming from the mental body, not the emotional body. Return and ask again. 

As you flipped to the positive vision yesterday, today, flip to the positive emotion. Name the emotional state you are navigating towards. 

Today, it’s relief, delight, satisfaction, accomplishment, euphoria… as the parties embrace (actually or metaphorically).

Mm, lovely. Relish that perfect palate of emotions. This future visioning is your gift to your parties. Take it seriously, take it lightly, take it playfully. 

I am future visioning


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