Presence 46: I am practising kung fu

Thank you for the last dialogue. I so appreciate it. It’s like we’ve raised the bar again for me to really focus on getting aligned with what I’m actually doing here.

I want to state and discuss here that it’s getting really challenging out there. The psychic warfare is real. Some examples:

  • In the UK we are in a four week lockdown, based on science that was flawed/invented, as the government admitted days after announcing the lockdown based on said evidence.
  • The UK government is deemed corrupt by the Exec Editor of the BMJ: Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science
  • Brexit negotiations are verging on No Deal, and shrouded in mystery, so there’ll be no time for scrutiny.
  • Government is looking at freezing public sector pay, again. Despite workers having seen us through the pandemic.
  • It’s Anti-Bullying week, and the UK government has marked it thus:

Priti Patel: Bullying inquiry head quits as PM backs home secretary
School LGBT bullying projects axed by government

  • It’s now 2.5 weeks since the US election, and Trump is still not conceding defeat. I’m not here to call him out, or make Biden any kind of a good guy. I’m saying the people of the US are being gaslit – and 1/4 million people in the US have now died with Covid. As this writer says, ‘Burnout is the next big threat‘ for Americans.
  • And in some of my mediation cases, the clinging to discord is off the scale… :/

So a few things have been swirling around in the last 24 hours, namely these three videos:

Video: Transcript here.

We watched The Matrix last night…

This philgoodlife video: ‘WE HUMANS HAVE A LOT OF GROWING UP TO DO ??

Common things to these 3 videos: 

  • [Long distracted pause]
  • They’ve drained you?

Ha… yes, a little bit. Here we go, in my phrasing:

  • Time to grow up, awaken, wake up
  • Children/predators/non-sentients are at large..
  • Hold on to what is real…
  • Not the linear/children’s playground/non-sentient/STS
  • But the multidimensional/sentient/knowing+feeling/STO
  • The STS hazing is powerful, manipulative, brazen and therefore
  • The STO mind must actively, assiduously anchor in the might of the light…
  • Hold the frequency of peace, but also do so… kung fu style….

I’ve wondered if I’m learning qigong to then learn kung fu

Focus. You re right about acting ‘kung fu’ style.

I’ve been way too porous in my boundaries, especially in my work as we discussed last time..

Listen. Your interest in martial arts and self-defence is not just a passing fad. You have discerned that these technologies ‘awaken the dragon’ in you. 

Ah… like ‘dragon-breathing.’

Keep listening. Relentless propaganda requires psychic self-defence on new levels. You can see that. You know that if you keep your head down, you can live this life unharmed. You can largely learn to dodge any more Agent Smiths. [Yes, you have met several.] However, keeping your head down is not your over-arching intention. Your intention is participation in the realisation of heaven-on-earth.

And so with this being the case, your best bet is to allow the learning of your heart to be undertaken. As Neo learnt kung-fu, so shall you – whether here kung-fu is the actual art or a metaphor. That matters not. The practise is self-protection, at a calculated, yet unselfconscious level. Self-defence is true art. It begins with ‘Awakening’ to the actuality of the breachers of boundaries. You know how your ‘anger’ was so frowned upon? That was conditioning to stop you from preventing others breaching your boundaries. But you are a ‘big girl’ now (to use the language of your inner child), and you can integrate old anger, and establish new boundaries. As PhilGoodLife said, this is not about being ‘reactive’. It’s about being so centred, so self-aware, so aware of the reality of our context (including negative forces) and so internally balanced, that we show up to all moments like a shaolin monk: apparently passively docile, and with gravity-deyfing qi-force at the finger tips. 

This all involves LISTENING to your messages, on the internal level. We saw you ignore them yesterday, pursuing your Agent Smith case, so you can hand over yet more and more louche to the System. Well done. You are a generous donor. 

Wait, what System?

The System fed by louche, harvested from the adrenals of the dear souls on this planet. 

Shucks, man… It’s my hero complex that wants to ‘rescue’ the people from their conflict. Or at least, maybe it’s my compassion? Help me understand!

We don’t need to help you understand. When your body says ‘no!’, you are NOT called to step forward, however much the ‘people’ plead and beg for your ‘assistance’. 

The ‘people’….?

You heard right. 

This is an open world action game. You are playing for only one character, and it is You. In the game, you need to learn discernment. And that means knowing who is just as their avatar appears, and who is not. 

If I listened to the ‘noes’ my body gives me, I’d only do half the work I do!

And then you’d double your rates, and be: 

  1. doing work that is MEANT for you and
  2. still earning plenty and
  3. resting enough, thus preserving your physical frame and 
  4. no longer donating adrenal louche to the System

If I double my rates, I’m only available to the children in the capitalist playground of STS. What if I don’t want to be working for them?

You can enslave yourself to the enslaved and impoverished. Or you can go into the dark web of the System, and have it serve you. 

Man. Honestly, what is this? I don’t recognise this tone…

Awaken. Awaken. See what is happening in your Open World action game…. Remember how Jeremy Colledge (above vid) described these non-sentients as Sims characters who forget to feed their babies or take out the stinking trash? Hence, ‘Forgive them, for they know now what they do.’ Would you rather sit outside the Simscape and judge, tut and sigh; or would you rather go in and… educate the Sims? 

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Man. Educate is a strong word.

A teacher or a healer. Those are the two functions of starseeds according to that book of yours.

Am I a starseed in your view?

You are phishing for compliments. 

Very funny…!

What does it take to go into the Simscape and ‘educate’ the Sims? ://///////

Fortitude. A good breakfast. And ruthlessly honed psychic self-defence skills. 

‘Kung-fu’ style.

Kung fu style.

I am practising kung fu







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