Presence 6: I am going off to play

A satisfying day was had. All my files and papers are sorted and understandable by an outside person.

And what did you learn?

Maybe that I slightly over-diversified with my training work? That I love and honour the mediation work especially. That it’s not so hard to let go of some papers…. especially those I use as ‘reminders’ or ‘prompts’ for things I’ll never do. That I still love to keep ‘archives’ of special memories. That I’ve worked really hard over the years. That I can do quite a lot with some music on, and a heater keeping the (August?!) chill at bay. That the clear and organised space frees my heart.

Excellent work. And in to Presence..!

***Reading The PP***

Holy moly. Check out this sub-chapter, ‘Consciousness of Questions’. It explains the DoDs process!! Here are some key quotes..

CONSCIOUSNESS OF QUESTIONS (Michael Brown, The Presence Process):

  • We place our focus on the asking of the question, not on attempting to think up answers. We allow the answer to manifest unexpectedly, organically, trusting it to arise in the moment we require the realization. This opens up our capacity for receiving. (p25)
  • Accessing information without the application of thought may seem foreign to us because of the mentally dominated approach of our current educational system. However, contrary to popular assumption, the thinking aspect of the mind isn’t the be-all and end-all of our capacity for insight. On the contrary, we have an ability to receive insight when we least expect it. (p26)
  • These types of experiences reveal that all the relevant information we seek about our past experience is available when we apply the correct method of access, which doesn’t necessarily require thought. Instead, it requires being open to receive the answer from an aspect of ourselves that knows everything. As we currently conceive of ourselves, we don’t know everything. But there is an aspect of our beingness, which we may so far be unaware of, that does. It knows everything without having to think about anything. Presence is a silent witness to each experience we go through and it remembers everything in each moment of these experiences as if they are still happening. To Presence, all the experiences we ever go through are as if they were happening in the now, because beingness resides in present moment awareness, which knows no time. Presence is a constant witness to all experience as if all experience were unfolding simultaneously. Throughout The Presence Process, we are encouraged to ask many questions about our experience. So as not to lessen the potential of our questioning, we are encouraged to approach the asking of questions without resorting to thinking about the answers. Either we know the answer to a question or we don’t. Thinking about it doesn’t alter this. (p27)
  • By asking a question without trying to think of the answer – by asking a question sincerely, then letting it go and allowing the answer to be given – we invite a manifestation of the required answer through physical, mental, and emotional experience. Presence oversees the manifestation of the answer as and when required. (p28)
  • Asking significant life questions from the point of awareness allows the energy of inspiration and insight to awaken in our daily experience. It allows us to enter the resonance of knowing without having to know why. (p29)
  • Throughout The Presence Process, we are invited to explore the experience of allowing ourselves to receive answers, as opposed to getting them. (p29)

So… I guess the PP is going to help us communicate better?

Much better. But the meditation and breathing is key… So… 

In I go. Sinking in… Wait! Shall I go in with a question placed?

You can. 

Ok. Cool.

What is the very best use I can make of this day?
(a sunny, chilly Saturday, the 28th Aug 2020)

***15min Med with Insight Timer***

I received this:

Teach ‘self-dialogue’. 

Self Dialogue

Be your own therapist, counsellor and coach (OR…)

Be your own guru

So, is that something to take forward today or mull over…? I am so pleased to have received this term ‘self-dialogue’. And I love ‘be your own guru’. What do I do with this.. today?

You park it. You’ve downloaded it. Now go off and have fun. You are learning, once again, that true DoDs means coming to the well of wisdom and drawing a bucket of it. That is the work. Now go and play. 


Yepski. This presencing work is meant to be, as your beloved mother knew, FUN!

One thing… I’ve got this burgoeoning desire to write, to share…

Good. Keep it cooking. 

Do I need to rearrange my days…?

You will do. For now, teaching and doing case work is fine. 

Will I lose the teaching?

No. But you will teach your own course. 

In self-dialoguing?


Wow. And Glennon Doyle’s book is such a boon here. And the PP. People are finally talking about these processes.

Be your own guru… It’s as you knew. You aspies are ahead of your time. 


So its time to play. 

No book proposal.

Let it all cook and simmer. Go and play. 

Ok. Thank you. This is such precious time. Thank you.

Come back tomorrow, with focus and fuel in your belly for more. The dial is getting turned up. You’re going to LOVE it. 

Yeeps. Ok thanks.

I am going off to play

PS. It’s a ‘how-to’ do DoDs book, right?!


PPS. There are already 3 books called ‘Be your own guru’. Just checked. But never mind.



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