Private 29: There is no problem

NO DUALISM: There is no problem. One year of life is good. One hundred years of life are good. Zen Mind p43

There is no problem.

This is so deep.

It takes me back to A Course in Miracles.

This is equanimity.

I lost a bit of this equanimity in having a ready audience for my dramas in my kind new partner.

There is no problem.

What a relief… Right?

Think there’s a problem? Breathe that idea out…

Notice how you can only think there’s a problem?

Those pesky thoughts!

No problem! 

So for today? (I’m at a conference.)

Take ‘No problem!’ out in to the world with you. Sweep in to the world with the spirit of ‘No problem!’ and the relief of that knowing. Leave the hotel and go out on to the street with the will to let everyone know {with your eyes!} the Good News that there is no problem. Catch glimpses of what ProblemFace looks like in you, and in your dear brothers and sisters. Catch a glimpse of it, and let compassion well up in you! ‘It doesn’t have to be this way!’ The ProblemFace only arises from ProblemThoughts which arise from ProblemThinking. All of that can be gently stepped down. But… try telling people that, and you’ll get a new problem in your face! So, no need to preach the good news! Just bring this new consciousness out into the world with you today: there is no problem. And be a beacon of awareness of the greatest secret on Earth: there is no problem. 

Beautiful. Ty.

No problem. 


There is no problem. 


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