Presence 4: I am clearing the decks


What is your advice for today?

Relish the peace and quiet… Really bask in it. 


Because things will get busy, and you have the opportunity to anchor in Your Peace, and then take that forward to the coming days and weeks. Your Peace is your greatest offering to your clients, colleagues and companions. Clear out the old, and simplify the new as much as you can. You are doing really well with this. Really well. Now add more simplicity and clarity wherever you can. Clear the decks, so you can bask in P&Q. 

I’ll take that. I have a few decks to clear. (Holiday inbox, office desk, future marketing…) I’m loving the simplicity and space I’ve attained from emptying my chest of drawers and clearing my workspace… It’s the sharpening the pencils before the new school year, isn’t it?

As your mind is clear, so will your practice be ‘true’. Simplify, clear, bask. 

Thank you. I’ll let stuff go and clear stuff out, and start from zero. And tomorrow, will we do something more… constructive?

You betcha! 

I am clearing the decks