Create 17: I am scanning for True Heart Connections (Human Glee List)

MEDITATION: 21 min guided meditation with Tara Brach on Insight Timer.

I noted a certain quality to my heart: mistrustful, troubled, contracting, agitated…

How best can we work with that today?

You’re right, the word at hand (or at heart) is connected to TRUST. 

What Need are you seeking to meet and fulfil today? 

My Heart needs to TRUST I’m not going to throw it… to the lions. Such a big week ahead. TWENTY actual TEACHING HOURS. And all the admin, and calls and stuff. Not to mention the c5 cases I’m running!

So your heart needs to trust you’ll take care of it, and protect it, and keep it safe? 

Yes. Safe from… over-exposure, exhaustion, criticism by others…

Ah, safe from criticism from others… But, some people will criticise us just for daring to open our mouth. No? Our presence triggers something in them. 

So true!! (Those 2 snarky feedback form comments out of a training for 340 people!!) It’s not completely that I feel endangered by this all. But… it’s like I need a WARRIOR heart to withstand it all.

And what is a WARRIOR heart? 

It’s brave, solemn, light, centred, mission-focussed.

And what is your mission this beautiful week? Is it to ‘win’ and ‘succeed’ and earn approval? 

Ha! Well…. I guess not…

Is it to ‘make everyone happy’? 

Ha! Tampoco! That can be my responsibility for me, I guess….

Is it like, to stand for something? Or to be a channel for something? Or to advocate or represent something? Like… do the Lord’s work, or something?! 😉

So close! And yet…! Dear soul, your mission this week is to surf the ocean of your heart’s desires. And your heart’s desires are to do with connection, with others hearts and minds! The meeting of minds is where your heart comes alive. You know that you are alive when you connect with others. You can’t be responsible for others’ readiness to connect, but you can spot the beings who are ready. And then, the magnetic power takes over. And then the wiring of cosmic creation kicks in! And that’s the feeling you love. 

And I guess, sometimes I quibble and retract when I meet someone who doesn’t want to connect.

Yes. And take it personally. If you can realise your heart’s desire is simply the euphoria of connection, then you can drop the encounter that doesn’t vibe early on… and simply keep moving… until you get the aaaahhh of true connection. The true connection is nourishing… and knowing that helps us realise that our reaching out in to the world is nothing more than a self-loving act, because we are looking for the wholeness of connection. 

Creative Impulse: Connection = Glee. So today’s Glee List is focussed solely on instances of CONNECTION with others. You are welcome to list a couple of ‘off’ connections you sense, without judgement, just to notice and learn the difference of sensation in the body… so you can then focus in  with a more educated body on scanning for – and spotting – true Heart CONNECTIONS (THCs). You can call it your Human Glee List of people you vibed with, each day. 

Oh wow. Ok! I’ll do this. Thank you!

I am scanning for true Heart Connections (Human Glee List)




Yes! It’s good to be lending one’s attention to the positive THCs. Too often the mind is geared by default to watching out for the neggy non-vibe threat mongers.

Then I think. I’m nearly 50… What’s up…? Am I terribly immature?

And then I bring love back to myself, and care… It’s a complex life. Amen.


And then I remember why any, any of us may be urgently in need of consolation, reassurance… at the level of the inner children up and outwards..

Good lord, the sorrows of the world, of this country… It’s inexplicable… It’s present to my heart every day. No wonder I, we, are seeking connection of the heart. To comfort each other. To reassure each other. Weeks and months without social connection… Certainly, I haven’t had contact with another soul but G (except for LV for an hour on her birthday and maybe one trip to the shops) since I dropped ASV at the station on the 3rd Jan, three weeks ago. And why? Because people are suffering at an uspeakable level. It’s truly way too much to handle. And every day I’m hustling… massively over booked with work in mental health and conflict. No wonder I need the fresh nourishment of true human connections. And I know them when I see them! They bring me EASE.

I’m generating EASE in all I do. I’m reframing all I do. My work is EASEy – and it really is. I just shuffle into some clothes and into the office, and read off the training slides. It’s EASEy.