Create 22: I am honouring myself with the crown of dignity

So, really interesting experiment on finding one’s tribe.

On my walk a couple of days ago, after the last Dialogue, I listened to a podcast of a conversation between two spiritual teachers I’ve followed for years, about the work they do. I was expecting to think, “Here’s my tribe.” To my astonishment, the conversation was so self-aggrandising, so ‘bitchy’ about other teachers, so vaunting (“Yes, humility is so important to me, I don’t want to be like those others..”) that I had to turn it off before it brought me down!

Compare to this. Monday morning. I think I’ve got an admin morning ahead, when I get an email from a solicitor on a new court-approved case I’ve been approached to mediate, asking to meet with her and her clients in 30 mins on Teams, effectively for an interview. Suddenly, my head is in high focus mode…. to meet the level of the solicitor. I go and get changed from ‘cosy, comfy’ clothes to grown-ups’ clothes, and straighten my hair. I revise my knowledge of the relevant law. I remind myself of the court-ordered mediations I’ve already undertaken. I settle into myself and get ready to go. I’ll do this interview at my standing desk, to be ‘on my feet’. I’m nervous but optimistic… “I can do this. Imagine if I were doing this kind of case all the time..! What an honour that would be.”

Aha, I think. This is ‘taking my place in my tribe.’

Maybe my tribe is made up of these serious, heart-focussed professional helpers, whom I see using their gifts, talents and intent to unpick the most devastating knots affecting people’s dignity and human rights. I know what it’s like to feel completely alone and unrepresented in such a situation. It’s unfathomably lonely and distressing…

Anyway. It woke me a little to a reminder. My Human Glee List – growing over these last few days – seems to be made up of serious, warm, intelligent, heart-focussed souls. Maybe it’s time to recognise my sovereignty in these matters. Maybe it’s time to step up…

Time to go in.

***18minMed-counting outbreaths – with insight timer***

Deep! You said…

Honour yourself with the crown of dignity. This is your next gift to yourself. Having admitted that fearful ‘fawning’ is no longer useful to you, and that knowing who you resonate with is useful… you are ready to treat all as dignified in their own right, and thereby claim your own personal dignity. Right here and right  now, not only as your birthright, but as your crown earned by life experience too. 

Like a FitBit badge…

If you like. 🙂 

Tell me more.

Your personality bubbles with glee. And has tended to flip over to fear. You are steadying now. Steadying. Steadying. Is that understandable? 

Yes! It is. It’s aligning with my age and stage in life. I am glad of that.

I think of The Crown. We’re on Series 2, the late 1950s. ERII is so young and get so dignified. She embodies Sovereignty, without personal fanfare, but with full manifestation of the role…

What is your message for today?

Today’s Creative Impulse: Honour yourself with the crown of dignity today. 

May I wear it all day.

I am honouring myself with the crown of dignity

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