Create 30: I am saying so, eagerly #MyEagerSaySo

I am a SPW was a beautiful, empowering mantra to have floating in my consciousness yesterday. It gave me door-openings… It validated certain thoughts and impulses, in a very natural and understated way. I guess this is ‘the grid filling in’, as Abraham would say. I’ve done the groundwork for this.

Yesterday, I walked the full circuit of my walk (for the first time in a while as it’s been so wet and muddy) while the snow fell around me, listening to Abraham-Hicks. Oh, the sense of alignment, of emotional upliftment, of ‘fine-tuning’ the feeling, of realising that the feeling is the thing, of riffing with the word ‘EAGER’. I felt, ‘EAGER is the opposite of FearAngerGrief’. It sums up all of the qualities of safe, resilient, assured, competent, enthused, optimistic

And we are EAGER to hear your take on the rampage of appreciation you heard yesterday… 

I loved it. I realise it’s all about the present tense, isn’t it? Rather than ‘I am looking forward to feeling strong and powerful’, it’s ‘I am strong and powerful’ or ‘I am learning more vividly every day how strong and powerful I am’. It’s the blossoming of awareness, within the present moment… It’s the seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing the wellbeing of all in every moment.

Tell us of your dreams last night. 

I’m not sure of my dreams, but every time I woke up I found myself planning my first self-commissioned, publicly for sale training… obsessively…


And… You know this is huge.

Huge? This anniversary day is ‘huge’. Let’s get perspective on what is seismic, and what is actually just a natural progression you can EASE in to at will. Because you say so. 

Hm… Ty. Yes, it is a very special anniversary day. <3 [14Feb]

What is this ‘say so‘?

I say so = I create, with my words

Yes. I do. All day long.

Then say what you mean. In eagerness. (Say not what you regret, fear, don’t want.) Say what you mean, eagerly. Say so, eagerly. 

You want me to speak from the place of eagerness, and to possess the feeling of eagerness as I speak?

Your knowing is the impulse behind all that you do. So engage the knowing, at that deep level of assurance. Be unto yourself that which you would be unto others. In other words, lavish praise and attention upon yourself for the sake of fine-tuning the feeling of the moment. This is one end of the spectrum – the other is being driven by unintegrated emotions in your body, aka anxiety, which impels you take (as MB says) ‘any exit’ to escape, flee, sedate the discomfort. Remember, repeatedly lunging at ‘any exit’ amounts to attempting to win Snakes & Ladders by optimistically jumping on the nearest snake, forgetting it will simply return you back to an earlier square each time. 

I can see myself just now… Playing my word game on the phone because it gives me relief from anxiety.

You think it gives you relief. But taking ‘any exit’ is an ‘unhelpful coping strategy’ because the ‘exit’ is no shortcut, but rather a quick helter-skelter back to the original place you thought you were cleverly running from. Every time you exit the moment, you are giving yourself EXTRA work to do to return to where you were. So start where you are, and do the Work with the discomfort… which is to integrate it by being with it, by breathing with it, by looking at it until it withers on its own dodgy vine. 

Equally, create your alternative present, by your EAGER SAY SO. 

The power behind your Voice is the fuel that burns up the anxiety. So engage it. Create affirmatively with your words. Create your reality. Say what needs to be said to be coherent with your desires and vision. 

I did one of the Creative Impulses that arose for me (here? not sure..) which was to use the big wall calendar to write down the individual gigs I had each day, and how much I was paid for them. And then to add up for each week how much I generated a) via Tr b) via Med and c) total. It was pretty galling…. Some weeks I’ve generated as much £ in 1 x 4h session as I do in 4 x 2h bespoke sessions. So why I am I still doing the 2h bespoke sessions, at half the value per hour, and requiring 4 mobilisations (commissioning, prep, onboarding, delivery) instead of the 1 x 4h session?

Vision. When the future vision is strong enough, it compels the changes to be articulated. So keep focussing on your One Jam and then…. Say so eagerly.

May I play with this today!

I am saying so, eagerly



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