Create 29: I am a strong, powerful woman

Yesterday was powerful. We were able to recognise and acknowledge ASV from afar as she stepped into being 21 during pandemic lockdown. In fact, she was love-bombed passim! Her wonderful friends and housemates showered her with fun, thoughtfulness and kindness – including the most amazing video compilation of friends and family wishing her a happy birthday – and a birthday dinner. We had a family zoom and were able to convey our love and wishes.  She was absolutely beaming.

And of course I had a good cry or three across the day… and also, riffing on that notion of #feelfree, I was able to catch a glimpse of the astonishing fact that I have raised two humans to adulthood, and that there are gifts that come to us at that point. Gifts of… the release from responsibility? Gifts of being able to marvel at these humans – and get to know the adults they have become. Gifts of … the freedom to be a little bit more our original selves again? Children can be verrrrry conservative, and appreciate it if we conform to social norms and remain as ‘steady state’ as possible… and that impacts on how we behave, of course. Even if I were just to look towards the possibility of exploring the world. That’s an awesome prospect! Lord knows I’ve grieved deeply the growing up of my children… It’s a decision to make: does having grown up children make me or break me? Let’s go for the former.

And here you are. Merely 46 years old. A strong, powerful woman. 

What is this phrase? (SPW) I’ve been hearing it.

Does the moniker tickle you? 


Strong = resilient, self-knowing, self-aware, robust

Powerful = with the means to engender energy, motion, change

Woman = possessing the divine feminine attributes

And now I’m feeling shy.

Stop. This is not about you. This is about humans’ presence on Earth. You are all strong, powerful humans. There is nothing ‘special’ or hierarchical about this. In fact, it’s high time that the old identities of ‘Little Me’ were dropped, far and wide. Why? They are borne out of trauma (fawning). And the unwholesome flipside, ‘Big Me’, was borne out of the appetite for consuming the resources of the ‘Little Me’ other. The serpent of humanity eating its own tail.

Now is the time for equanimity, and for sovereignty. That means that all beings hold enough inner self-esteem that they are able to be balanced in the face of the Other, and meet the Other as an equal, acknowledging the sovereignty of the other from the consciousness of the sovereignty of the self. 


Namaste. And yet, within the world. 

Tell me more. Help me translate that into my day.

Into your day. So, you acknowledge you are the sovereign consciousness in your day. You survey the day ahead and your lead your cavalry in to the minutes ahead, to perform the mission you know your nation holds. 

My mission.

Reach peace, teach peace. 

Still? Ok.  Cool…

And you conjure the forces of goodness in your environment – from the food in your cupboards, to the wifi in your airwaves, to your intentions, to your counterparts – to give energy to that mission. You are systematic about it. Not half-hearted. You hold 100% faith in the mission ahead of you. You are the SPW of your own journey. 

I hear you.

It’s like blowing up a balloon. The first puffs are the hardest; and then it’s about holding pressure, and adding to it steadily. 

Yes. I can see that. Am I ready to undertake the first few puffs of this new project?

You first became pregnant at 21. Your younger child became 21 today. What do you want to do with the next 21 years? 

Ha! Epic question. That would take me to 67 – roughly ‘retirement age’. Footloose, fancy-free compared to my hands-on mothering days… and wonderfully supported by this incredible, generous, balanced, fun, kind, intelligent, steadfast man.

The next 21 years…

The Book of Positive Aspects of your next 21 years: 

  • I am fit and healthy and well physically
  • I have overcome so much in terms of MH and healing
  • I have overcome some difficult addictive/avoidant behaviours
  • I am working and have a business and a profession
  • I am able to work remotely
  • I am able to help develop the field I work in
  • I have a network of colleagues and friends
  • I am supported by good people
  • Say I had a major adventure per annum I could…
  • Travel to Latin America
  • Travel to India and SE Asia
  • Travel to North America
  • Travel to Africa
  • Travel to Europe and Russia
  • Create a youtube channel of my travels and dialogues
  • Write several books
  • Develop my practice to have international clients
  • Develop my practice to contribute to international projects
  • Become super-fit – swimming, cycling, hiking
  • Develop social media platforms to support my work
  • ReachPeace;TeachPeace all day long…
  • Buy a house that meets all our needs
  • Have holidays
  • Be DINKYs
  • Visit others..
  • Have friendships
  • Explore nature
  • Learn from others
  • Say no to things unwanted
  • Plan our lives (today we booked out 5 holiday weeks for 2021 – relief!!!)

This really is the beginning of the new era. It’s so good to notice the juncture, and to enter it consciously. The third quarter of my life, let’s imagine… or the third 21 year cycle at least… promises to be fun, adventuresome, rich in exploring. I will have a passport. I will use it. I will enjoy running my own business.

Speak to me…

It’s time for your New Story. About yourself. If your childhood was defined by parents and school… And your young adulthood was defined by your children and marriage… This era is defined by you. Just you. How does that sound? 

Pretty amazing.

And so how wonderful to define it as You, a strong, powerful woman.

I’m with you. No more stories of… the opposite. Been there. Bin There. Dun that.

Welcome to the third era of your Life, you SPW.

Ty………… <3

I am a strong, powerful woman. May I gently, firmly, lovingly discover what that means over the minutes, days, months, years to come. And may we all discover our strength, our power, and the unique attributes of our own archetypes and personhood. And may we encourage each other on this journey. I know how the strength and power I witness in others, when it comes from LOVE, inspires me. May I be a SPW shoulder to shoulder with the strong powerful women who are my daughters, and my friends and colleagues… and shoulder to shoulder with the SPMen and SPNBs who I am blessed to share this planet with. And may we all lend [ha! “Draft saved at 12.22.22”] our strength and power to those still discovering the incredible, unfolding strength and power they have within them. Amen, and blessings to this beautiful humanity.

I am a strong, powerful woman



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