Create 51: I am transmitting my love by name


On Tues (2 days ago): [confidential]

2.26pm – from my darling bro: ‘

‘Sadly we’ve now been told we’re 95% probability … test can give false positives so next next step is for a diagnostic. We’ve been booked in for first available appointment, 3pm tomorrow afternoon in SE London (apparently can only do this there). We’re doing ok as at least we had mentally prepared ourselves somewhat. Love you guys xxx’

3.55pm – from my darling sis:

‘Beloved bro, I am so so sorry to hear this… what huge and difficult news to take in. Well done on getting a test so soon. We are with you both.

Which is why I don’t even know how to write this to both of you. But I know I need to.

My beloved sibs. We have lost the baby.

We went to hospital first thing today as I had been bleeding lightly. We thought we were being extra cautious but it turns out we weren’t.

We are home, we are reeling. We are utterly on a different plane, it feels. And now with your news too.

Our family. We are so sorry. This is all too much.

We are trying to rest and eat and go through the motions. I will go into hospital on Thursday for the operation. The sky is a summery blue and it all feels unreal.

But we want you all to know that we genuinely through our grief are also with you all. No matter the time the support goes both ways. And that includes Graham getting better too Aras. Our family is going through convulsions of trauma right now, and the only way of getting through is to all hold on to each other.

We haven’t told the Doj – anyone – yet. We’ll email them shortly. I don’t think we’re up to phone calls today but would love to speak tomorrow if that’s ok.

We love you all very very much.’




Right now, S. is arriving in hospital… Alone, as covid regs prevent her being accompanied.

Words… :((((

“Yes, [NAME], I love you.”

Use the name…

Yes, use the person’s name. This is really important. You are having important communications. Use the person’s name. And centre these words deeply in your heart. Feel the connection to the person. Join heart and head. This is important. 

Like a powerful prayer.

Like a powerful prayer. 

Don’t just say ‘you’re in my thoughts’…

Transmit the love. Consciously. 

Ah. I see… Thank you. I’ll need to slow down to do that. And centre myself… And be able to hear myself think, and feel into the words… to transmit my love.


I am transmitting my love, by name

[“Yes, [NAME], I love you.”]



Practising this sensing and naming of my love, it became clear (again), the 6 most loved people in my life. I love them, and I love all those that they love and who love them – they are the central network of all those whom I love…


And you? 

And me. The 7th element. Ty.

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