MEDS Day 45: Today I am Soothing My System

I am grateful for yesterday’s…

  • bed rest
  • PSNS (parasympathetic nervous system) activation work… omg… so good
  • inching forward with work, while horizontal in bed
  • first practice with a new band <3

So this Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) activation work is VITAL. This is breakthrough material.. again!

Today is the day when you lay the path for tomorrow. (Every day.)

What can / shall I do today to lay the path for a better tomorrow?

  1. Work /act / start from a state of PSNS – this is the only ‘sane’ state of mind with which to enter a world which is wired, fried and hopped up on fear. 
  2. Accept that new patterns and habits are best deployed tenderly and in a timely fashion. 

Thank you. So if I want to start my days with PSNS activation… I am looking at…

Busting out of bed, sweetcheeks. 

Yes. I have my lovely wing-backed chair to write in; my meditation stool to ‘sit’ upon; my trainers to put on my feet and get out for an early morning walk. Those are the key elements, no?

Your ‘coffee in bed’ ritual gets in the way. Can you take your coffee to the Writing Chair? 

Yes, siree, I can. Especially if I put the heating on in the office when I get out of bed. I can put an oil heater in there…  And the Morning Walk or Qigong? And the Morning Meditation?

We suggest an experimental approach. Try switching it all up in the mornings, and see if you can measure which routine soothes the system best. Remember the principle is this: ‘there’s no point in trying to ‘work’ without first activating the PSNS.‘ This is the point of the (any) morning routine. 

Ok. Good. Got it. An experimental approach. Yesterday I noted how I had ‘calmed the SNS and activated my PSNS’ on post-its. Maybe I’ll keep that noting practice going for a few days.

Yes. Noting is good. And remember: it’s all about Soothing The System. This is the first step of self-care. 

Today I am Soothing My System.


Well, there’s nothing like actual tracking my day to see how Intention and Action can be so far removed from each other.However I did take some positive actions to Soothe My System…

Today I Soothed My System in these ways:

  1. I meditated briefly, and did 3 or 4 qigong centring gestures
  2. I embedded some long-out-breathing in my day
  3. I remembered that a little (homeopathic) bit of mediation and qigong is farrrrr better than none at all – it reminds the system of what it already knows.
  4. I gave myself enough time to get ready to go.
  5. Realised this important factor:
    1. ‘Rest’ (stillness, PJ paralysis, being in bed) does not lead to activated PSNS
    2. Activating the PSNS (which is an active process) does lead to ‘rest and digest’
  6. I realised this – as a child I was mis-taught (threatened with #fake news) the idea that ‘success’ evades us unless we are prepared to:
    1. leap into the hot fire of the SNS
    2. hemorrhage energy outwards to others
  7. I jiggled and bobbed around when feeling stress in the system
  8. Decided to look up ASMR
  9. Considered taking up monthly TRE sessions

I am learning so much. Now… to put it in to action.



20 mins of MEDITATION? – Just 5 mins – in a rush out in the morning for a job




#STEPS – few



DRY today? NO

MORNING: My muesli; Coffee&cream; veg sticks & houmous; chickpea puffs

AFTERNOON: celery&creamcheese; G&T; Nandos with family (incl chips.. could have had chicken salad); 2 ciders; beer



Screens off:     2am     Lights out: 2am

Wake up the next day:          8am          Total sleep: 6h



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