MEDS Day 65: Today I am forming the habit of going slowly

I am grateful for yesterday’s….

  • Amazing focus on forming good habits
  • Decision to see what happens when I give myself up to all the ‘boring’ things that need to be done on a daily basis to keep myself healthy and well.
  • The realisation that ideally I need to spend FIVE hours a day on personal housekeeping habits, to retain balance and wellbeing.
  • A return to the idea that I keep mornings for the internal work and open afternoons up for meetings / appointments.
  • Hence: 7am – 12 noon would normally be scheduled for Housekeeping Habits, of which there are about 7… I’ll add them tomorrow.
  • This morning I have an early start, so I am simply concertina-ing down those Habits – but, importantly, touching on them all, to embed the step from one to the next.

What would you have me know, be, do or say today, dear wisdom of my being?

Go slow…

Golly. One day that will stop arising…!

Form the habit of going slowly. 

Like G goes slowly from room to room..?

Indeed. This week is about habit-forming. Today’s habit is that of going slowly, which also of course means starting-in-good-time, so you can approach each new task and event slowly and without haste, speed, rush, panic – for your own health but also so that when you meet people you are able to touch them with an energy of peace. 

Versus touching them with the electric shock of fluster and force?


Yes. I hear you. Good advice. Thank you. I shall don my GoSlo…! Ha I quite like that – like a GoPro-style speed camera on the head, that observes one’s speed and let’s you know when you are speeding (internally or externally). I guess the FitBit does that too with the heart rate indicator… But yes, I shall self-observe with my imagined personal GoSlo. Nice

Today I am forming the habit of going slowly.


MEDS Trackers Dec2018 (chart here):
Med&Ex: Download Hour – Med | Aerobic | Qigong 2:0:1 – early start
Diet: Chopchopchop – mindful, plant-based food yes, til eve
Sleep: Sleepstate: 9Screens, 10Books Nope… 12.30pm
Med minutes 2
Active minutes 14
Steps 8475
Food: Coffee&cream; muesli&blueberries; lentils&broccoli; ChristmasPartyPorkBelly&ChristmasPudding… 3 glasses of white wine
Dry?  No – 3 x wine
Screens off 12.30pm
In bed (with books..) Slept 12.30 – 7.27
Hours slept (as per next morning) 6h18m


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