MEDS Day 66: Today I am taking my ‘folded arms’ out into the world

I am grateful for yesterday’s….

  • Housekeeping Habits morning – even if I didn’t keep exactly to time, and I ditched the all important Download Hour. Good to be embedding those habits, in the same order…
  • Productive and collegiate work
  • Co-coaching session (aka Power Hour) with my gorgeous daughter at our shared office – what a great and wise coach she is.
  • Evening out with my Love and discussing what matters in our comms – so helpful for me
  • An evening of Christmas Skiffle with friends
Feelin Groovy - Garkfunkel's arms folded
Feelin Groovy – Garkfunkel’s arms held

Feelin’ Groovy with the GoSlo = so good. I’m only just touching the edges of it. Would like to repeat the practice today, as I’ve got a meeting in London. I thought often of the moment in the Central Park video (see yesterday) where Garfunkel kind of, stops seizing the mic, and holds his arms to his chest by his elbows, in the spirit of the song… I know that look is said to be ‘closed’ in body language terms, but I think it looked actually very open, receptive – like, “I’m not driving things here. Hello Lampost, whatcha knowin’…?” He’s allowing life to come to him…

Aha… “He’s allowing life to come to him.” What would it look like for you to allow life to come to you? 

Great question. The word that arises is ‘perilous’ – which says a whole lot I think!!

Let’s explore an important area for you at the moment. You’re baffled that, with all this MEDS focus, your weight is going up. What if we told you that your ‘pushing at life’ was adding to this weight increase? What if we reminded you that late nights are the most significant factor in your body’s recovery cycle – and that staying up late plays havoc with your insulin / adrenaline / cortisol, and that that is why you are gaining weight? Hey, we have no problem with your beautiful body, but we know you are baffled and concerned by your weight gain, and it links with the GoSlo…

How does it link with the GoSlo?

Simply put, if you spent more of your day with your ‘arms folded’ like dear Art Garfunkel, receptive and allowing life to come to you, then come night time you would be able to ‘stop the day’ at will, at the time that worked for you, and embark on the healing sleep that keeps you well. ‘Allowing life to come to you’ in this way is not by any means being passive, unboundaried… It is the opposite, in fact. Garfunkel’s folded (not ‘crossed’ – one arms rests against his chest, the other on top) arms are:

1) a sign of his open watchfulness – he’s observing the world in a state of relational presence (hello lamppost); he’s not placing executive action upon the world (no ‘doing’ stuff with his hands); he’s listening as much as singing

2) a sign of his boundariedness – he’s watching but not getting swept up or along; he’s not open-armed to all… He’s equanimous, circumspect, grounded, solid in himself. 

Take your ‘folded arms’ out into the world today, with your GoSlo and it’s ‘feelin’ groovy’ alert tune. See what happens when you watch a little more… and let life come to you for your equanimous consideration… 

Beautiful. Useful. Tangible, kinesthetic stuff today. Thank you. I really will.

Today I am taking my ‘folded arms’ out into the world.


MEDS Trackers Dec2018 (chart here):
Med&Ex: Download Hour – Med | Aerobic | Qigong 10:0:1
Diet: Chopchopchop – mindful, plant-based food Somewhat… (travelling)
Sleep: Sleepstate: 9Screens, 10Books Nope
Med minutes 10
Active minutes 10
Steps 7900
Food: Coffee&cream (no honey: good!); muesli; whole cucumber; GF muffins; salad&bread&cottagepie&cake; Leon chickensatay&salad(left the rice); G&T
Dry?  Nope… not at all 🙁
Screens off 10.40pm
In bed (with books..) 10.40pm – no books
Sleep Window
10.43 – 4.15ish
Hours slept (as per next morning) 5h29m


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