Peak 111: I am keeping my head 

Briefly as I run out the door for a 7th day of work on the trot… (It’s Saturday, furgoodnessake!) Let’s read.

-47- Without going outside you can know the ways of the world. Without looking through the window you can see the way of heaven. The farther you go the less you know. Therefore, the True Person arrives without travelling, perceives without looking, and acts without striving. (The Tao Te Ching 47)

Ha, very apt. “Without going outside…” Darn right. Too much travel, movement, busying. Though I do love meeting people. I even think my introversion is fading into extraversion!! Seriously. Amazing stuff. But… here we are invited to cultivate ‘arrival’, ‘perception’ and ‘action’ without travelling, pushing or striving. Help me centre myself today.


I have this image of my wearing a wizard’s hat and wielding a magic wand.

This is an image of ancient wisdom. If (as Stefan Stenudd asserts) Kant could become a world-renowned philosopher while never going further than 10 miles from his own home town, be assured that you have the wisdom you need for today within you. 

When others are losing their heads, keep yours. When others are feeling burdened, remain burden-free. This is your gift to your colleagues and students today. 

Like a wizard, like a ballerina, like a monarch. Keep your head upon your shoulders today. Retain the inner poise you are cultivating through the image of the Inner Anchor. 

‘IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs…’

I am keeping my head 



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