Peak 112: I am speaking through my Heart

I am so grateful for the guidance to ‘keep your head’. It acts as a comforting hand on the shoulder, grounding and anchoring me. It reminds me that it is entirely within my gift to keep ‘upright’, to remain ‘tethered’ to my bright inner anchor.

This morning (a Sunday), I have been reading a beautiful, nourishing book: The Great Awakening (2012). I liked this:

Why are you here? What’s going on at the Universal level? We are basically a universe of Light. Duality has not been the norm, and only exists in dimensions below the 4th. Duality is in all separate from Source. We live as individual egos in 3D-4D. This is not so in 5D upwards. Only a small part of this universe is experiencing the lower vibrations and this duality experiment. In this dimension and higher the civilization of light is returning to Source creator – finding its way back to Source.

Some civilizations ran into a problem ascending. These civilizations discovered that by existing in light alone they encountered a level where ascension slowed and almost stopped. They could not easily go higher. So the Divine plan was to drop into the lowest dimensions and experience what we could learn.

Why? There is zero negativity in the higher dimensions where all is light. There is simply no state of conflict resolution and no ability for an individual or collective to make decisions. In the lower dimension where we are this is the norm. Everything is conflict resolution. Everything! In the higher dimensions this problem of indecision results from the lack of negativity or duality.

Some higher civilizations in the universe reached a level of light where growth stopped because they could not make the decisions needed to choose what to do next. Without making choices where do you go? You become stagnant or stalemated.

The Divine Plan was set forth. We created a place of duality and negativity, an Earth school which would become a solution for this problem. It was designed to explore and experience negativity, the opposite polarity. Duality was born for solutions rather than just to create vortexes.

Duality is the theme of this worldly experience but has not been the greater part of the universal experience. But how, now when we are in our smallest individualized components for experiencing this duality, how do we ascend back? We raise our frequency. (The Great Awakening p17)

In other words (my paraphrase):

All 5D light => hard to make decisions => stalemate ensues

Divine plan was developed to drop frequency down to 3D (duality, negativity, polarisation, ego/head) to learn decision making (IE. CONFLICT RESOLUTION) as a means to developing our creator minds and learning consciously about raising frequency. 

Mind-blowing for me who has turned to the art of conflict resolution as my work in this world. Thank you!

And how to raise frequency?

Step 1: Heart activation (and leaving ego/head orientation). See pg54+.

I’m feeling grateful for the insight into the Conflict Resolution theme. I’m keen to spend some time contemplating this heart shift business. I’m exhausted from working in a way which is still ‘5D speaks 3D’… Is that a fair comment?

We are grateful you continue to come here for an education from your soul. You truly have a great deal to say to yourself and the learning is, thankfully, never ending. Your comment on ‘5D speaks 3D’ misses something. 5D is a state – it’s not a place, or a peak on a hill, or an alternative ‘position’. It is an ‘encompassing’ dimension. It encompasses 3D quite easefully, and finds no otherness in it. 

Ah. Of course. But does the 5D frequency not need to adapt to the language of the 3D?? To be understood?

True 5D is not Communicatory as you are used to communication. You are used to communication which has a communicator and a receiver – and you ‘turn up the volume’ to hear or be heard. 5D on the other hand is attracting, magnetising. When you reach an insight, you resonate with the Knowing at hand. The Knowing (message) is/was always there to be received. The receiver must approximate the Knowing. 

Ah, hence, when I say here, ‘Speak up, please!’, nothing happens. But when I get really quiet, settled, calm, neutral and receptive inside, information becomes apparent?


So, if a great deal of my work in the world is training, I’ve got some difficulty there… because training is about transmitting knowledge…


And, when I’m training well, it’s about drawing the knowledge from the participants themselves.

Thus facilitating their connection with their inherent knowing. 

So, less ‘telling’, more ‘facilitating’… would be good. Would be less tiring?


This is the new model of teaching, isn’t it?

21st Century living requires two key skills:

  1. Information download/upload
  2. Discernment / decision-making 

So today, I uploaded this book on heart activation. Now I need discernment to decide how to use what I have received.

Let’s read. 


In the pursuit of learning, every day something is added.

In the pursuit of the Tao, every day something is dropped.

Less and less is done until you come to action without striving.

When you follow this practice, nothing remains undone.

All under heaven is won by letting things take their course.

Nothing can be gained by interfering. (The Tao Te Ching 48)

Spot on. So: don’t add extra stuff as a reaction to the reading about heart activation. Drop things instead! 

As Stenudd translates it:

Those who seek the Way, / Let go of something every day.

I need to ponder this… What shall I let go of?


Let go of ‘personal ambition’, you say? What does that mean and why?

Personal ambition equates to STS and is a heart-blocker. 

*Squeak* Right-then-well-I-see-fair-enough! And replace it with..? STO.

Systematic STO. Not fly-by-night, seat-of-pants, happy-byproduct of the STS work. 

Crumbs. No holds barred today, then. But thank you. What do you mean by systematic service to others?

Systematic STO is planned, regular, scalable. Its clarity and regularity allows heaven to steer the input/output. You hold (firmly and with faith) a framework which can be used by Spirit. 

CoDialogue Labs. Or zummit like that.


Those who seek the Way, / Let go of something every day.

Let go of unpredictability, extras, chaos… Settle on the One Thing? ..So ‘heaven can take its course.’

Committing to One Thing takes faith, courage and, of course, commitment. 

I have this phrase (5Y vision to 2025): ‘Make Mediation Mainstream’.

Sounds good. Can you let go of everything else? Can you say ‘No’ to the things that are-not-this? How will you know when you are working towards MMM, and when you are not? 

I need to get soft inside. I need to work with the Universe, not ‘at’ it. I need to be receptive, and to resonate with the Knowing available. I need to activate Heart, and calm, settle, decommission Head.

Oh God, bless my Heart that it may strengthen and bloom. May we all gather the courage and wisdom to work from our Hearts. May we get in tune with our Hearts and speak through and from them. May we trust that the Heart-centred way is the Way. May we all speak Heart-to-Heart. May we let go of the Head’s fixation on the Thousand Things. May we tune in to the Heart’s channel, which is Love FM, and play only its melodies. May we play the songs of our Hearts, across this planet. Keep my Heart activated, enlivened and prominent in my decision-making, my utterances and my actions. Bless us all as Heart-Centred beings.

I am speaking through my Heart


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