Peak 115: I am magnetising my heart space

Today is ‘Super Saturday’ when our MPs vote on the newly-fudged Brexit deal – though maybe they won’t if an amendment goes through during the course of today. The Ways of my Heart are so far from this ‘division bell fight to the last’ by those who would unleash havoc on the nation. And yet… my Head watches transfixed. Peace be with us all.


I am reading the Great Awakening with such joy. I’m on pg 85. I am reminded of the necessity of going into the ‘trance’ state and filling ourselves with light (golden inner anchor), and clearing inner debris, and connecting with Source, and basically up-regulating our frequency into complete softness, delicacy, flow and alignment. How best can I up-regulate my state?

You mention ‘trance’ – or the deep meditation state. This alone is like pressing the reset button. It is a powerful way to make your default state one of alignment.  Put simply, every time you shift into the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state, you are down-regulating the threat, panic and scarcity state. You are aware of your energetic alignment? 

To an extent. I’m aware of the flow of qi, and the amount of energy flowing in and out of us.

What you haven’t been aware of is the need to harness and hold light. 

I do tend to let energy flow in, through and out of me. It leaves me tired.

Let us tell you this. When you truly learn to harness and hold light you will be better able to bond with others, and this will increase your sense of joy in this world. It will all but remove your fear of others, or of death, or of isolation or rejection. 

Does my tiredness limit my ability to bond?

We are informing you that you are ready to find your ‘dan tiens’ and really work with them. And that one marker of this working well will be your increased capacity to bond with others. 

I think of the martial artists who gather such qi within them that they can then knock a brick off the table without touching it. Or put out fire. The theme of electric hands… What are mine for?

Harnessing and conveying qi. Initially to ‘patch up’ your own aura and fill it with light/qi. 

Oh man… How do I stick with this? I practised a lot of qigong before and it massively improved my health but what else…?

You met G because your qi fields aligned. 

Really? Ok. And next, now?

When your frequency is raised through qi and stabilised, you will better be able to bond with those you love. 

I need help here.

Let’s read…

-51- The Tao gives life to all things, and its Virtue nourishes them, forms each according to its nature and gives to each its inner strength. Therefore, the ten thousand things all venerate the Tao and honour its Virtue. It has never been decreed that the Tao be venerated and its Virtue be honoured; they have always been so treated spontaneously. Thus, the Tao gives life to all things; and its Virtue raises them, nourishes them, brings them to their full growth, feeds, shelters, and protects them. Giving life without claiming authority, benefiting without demanding gratitude, guiding without control. This is called hidden Virtue. (The Tao Te Ching 51)

Ok, so hang on. What exactly is the difference, and the association, between the Tao and qi?

Tao is the Creator Source and Qi is the life force. 

So the qi comes from the Tao?

Qi is borne of fruitful manipulation of the Tao forces. The qi must be balanced for the Tao to be closely followed.

I feel out of my depth. Am I hearing you correctly?

Almost. The most important thing to be aware of is that you are a receptacle for Light, and your role is to balance the light you receive. When you do you will bond with your loved ones more completely. 

I feel some unease when dropping into the parasympathetic state.

Of course you do. Your amygdala shouts, ‘Don’t relax! Remain on guard or be eaten!’

When in reality…

Every time you slip into the parasympathetic state…

As in that yoga nidra class…

…You access a well of pure healing. You reboot. You re-educate your nervous system. You strengthen your qi. 

Moving meditation… It’s physiological and ‘virtual’…

[Reading more of The Great Awakening, up to p98]

Yes, this seems to be about activating the heart space by working with its energy, awakening it, or rather awakening our sense of it. Ballard talks about switching on the scared heart space.

“When an individual functions from the head and is not heart-activated there is a vibration that can be measured and has a factor of x. When the sacred heart-space is switched on the individual’s heart chakra is activated. Science has now proven this. The switched-on heart-space emits about 50,000 times more energy than the original measurement factor of x. This amplification of the energy field is the goal of heart chakra activation. When accomplished you begin to experience mastery within the illusion. The Merkabah is automatically activated once the heart chakra activates. A toroid-shaped energy field forms and its power can be measured. After the heart chakra activates it takes a bit more time (maybe a few weeks of staying focused on that sacred space) before the activation anchors. Once anchored a permanent bliss akin to a never-ending cosmic orgasm is achieved. Anchoring results in making this new state of being permanent. (The Great Awakening, Bill Ballard, 2012 p98)

So, I am indeed working with this heart space and its energy. It feels like I am tickling it into my awareness, with a mixture of qigong and self-reiki and energy work and clearing/cleansing…

You are undertaking ‘light work’ on your heart space. 

Wow. Awesome. And I gather it takes some consistent work for the activated state to remain switched on. Ballard said it took him 40 days of focussed work.

Each person is different. The point is to keep working with it, like a loving person keeps working day and night with a little puppy to gain its trust, attention and cooperation. 

Stretchy, spongey, pulling and kneading of the heart space energy… That’s what I’m feeling.

Good work. Excellent work. Awakening, activating, communing. This is the light work we referred to. 

Ok, I can work with this for a good while – especially because it is so tangible. I literally can feel it. And presumably I keep the conversation up too – the Heart Check-Ins?

Indeed. Feel free to ask for assistance. 

Cool. It’s magnetising, isn’t it? Reminiscent of Tiara Kumara and her book.

Perfect. Go ahead there. 

I am magnetising my heart space. 


Other refs from the Heart Math Institute


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