Peak 114: I am attuning to the Ways of my Heart

What else did my Heart tell me when I asked it, “Heart, what say you?”…?

  • In the shower: Just relax.
  • After my shower: Finish what you’re doing.
  • “You’re like a ‘Heart Coach‘”:  Yes. You are ready for this. 
  • After lunch: Be still. 
  • After stillness. “Qigong?”: YES. [NB.It’s a mature voice in me which holds me to account.]
  • During qigong: *BLISS* [NB. The Heart really loves QG]
  • Sitting down for work: Focus in. Follow your plan. 
  • This evening?: You’re sick and tired. Stay in and message family and friends. 
  • Right now: Go to the loo. [Ehem… brb]
  • Right now: Trouble ahead if you don’t reach out more.

Excuse me?

Reach out more. Reassure. Don’t let tanks run on empty. Put dates in diaries with a loved one or two. Clarify your care. Take a lead there. 

Ok. Yes. I hear you. 

Let’s read. 

-50- When going off one way means living and going off the other way means dying, three in ten are companions of Life, three in ten are companions of Death, and three in ten value Life but drift toward Death. Why is all this so? Because, these people are too greedy about living. It is said: People who are skilful in caring for the life that has been given to them travel abroad without fear of wild ox or tiger, and enter a battle without concern for sharp weapons. There is no place for the wild ox to thrust its horns, there is no place for the tiger to put its claws, there is no place for a weapon to lodge. How is this so? Because, there is no place for Death to enter in! (The Tao Te Ching 50)

Stenudd comments:

That makes nine out of ten. The tenth is the one who really knows how to relate to life, without desperation. What you cherish, but don’t struggle too hard to keep, will not escape you. Life is like a cat. It enjoys your company if you don’t try to enslave it and don’t get too attached to it.

       People who have this relaxed relation to life don’t provoke death. Nor do they seek it. They walk through life with the spirit of a visitor, who enjoys the experience but doesn’t for a moment expect it to last forever.

Do I rush through and at life? Am I greedy for life? I certainly feel my body to be under stress and strain. I wake up with my adrenal glands already struggling. I’m pushing onwards, and not reaching out to those I love enough… What is the advice today?

Pace. It’s about pacing yourself. 

And having ‘this relaxed relation to life’?

It’s about taking the foot off the accelerator and finding enjoyment in the drive. It’s about looking out of the window and marvelling at the scenery. It’s about stopping at the vistas, getting out of the car, and noticing majesty. 

Noticing majesty. I like that.

Equally, it’s about appreciating minutiae, and simplicity. 

Let’s go into the Heart space and meditate for our final insight today.


Arising: “I am attuning to the ways of my Heart.” Right? Your commentary?

Attuning to the ways of your Heart is spot on for today. Sometimes your Heart, and the Hearts of your loved ones, have felt betrayed by your ‘headlong’ push into the World. 

Oh my word… Please… You’re knocking me here…

You can hear this. No problem. You are open to re-alignment, we know. 


Recall how your Heart, at check-ins, preferred: 

  1. order, completion, assiduousness
  2. bliss, slowness, presence

The orderliness, or discipline, creates the infrastructure within which bliss and presence can occur. 

Yes! And I am finding ways of getting more organised. My 12 Week Year work, and Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly trackers, my calendar organisation… Yesterday I brought my Inbox down to 37 emails (from 550) for the first time in 4 years! All this creates more space for the important matters of PRESENCE, right?

And Presence includes being present with others. 

So as I improve my organisation and completion and execution, I can be more present to self, others, Heart. Yes?

These are the Ways of the Heart. 

Accountability and order, to create space for space. You have diligently to book the holiday / car / plane / visas / insurance IN ORDER TO be able to sit on the mountain top and contemplate the vista.


These are the Ways of the Heart. I see a little bit more clearly now: 

Order facilitates presence. 

May I move into this Heart-centred consciousness. May I learn the Ways of the Heart. May I release old ‘Headlong’ habits. May I soften. May I relearn with humility. May I pace myself so that Reaching Out to my loved ones becomes natural and abundant. May I not be greedy towards life, but generous towards it. May my orderly, diligent, assiduous Ways of the Heart facilitate many moments of Bliss, Slowness, Presence.

Should I now read G’s loved book, Thinking, Fast & Slow

Slow down… 

I am attuning to the Ways of my Heart

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