Peak 122: I am so lucky

I asked ‘What is light-casting?’ and these were some of the inner observations arising:

  • Self-healing – ie. directing light to the self first, as in qigong
  • Loving kindness meditation – it’s the same as ‘metta bhavana’ – which is not meddling!
  • Purposeful directing of light
  • Healing / Remote healing / Distant healing
  • Activated softening

Then I asked my heart, ‘Heart, what is light-casting?’

Heart: Light-casting is looking after yourself and the world with loving thoughts.

Ah, I like ‘looking after’. And ‘loving thoughts’ are a way of ‘looking after’?

Heart: The loving thoughts cast the light

Well, I applied this idea of ‘loving thoughts’ later. It was good – really beautiful – especially as I was tired and a bit shaken by circumstances. I also applied the idea when watching the beautiful film, ‘Lion‘, about a 5 year old boy in India who got lost on the train system, was adopted by Australians and eventually returned to India to find his mother. The ‘loving thoughts’ gave expression and purpose to the emotions arising. I felt connected with my world.

When we are in a state of ‘loving thoughts’ you get the sensation of ‘merging with the qi field’. A dissolving sensation, where love travels in and out of us in steady flow like a torus emerging from the heart.

I am a student here. Please, keep teaching me.

Let’s read.

-58- When the government is unseen the people are simple and happy. When the government is lively the people are cunning and discontented. On misery perches happiness. Beneath happiness crouches misery. Who knows when this will cease? The straight changes into the crooked. The good becomes the ominous. Surely the people have been confused for a long time. Therefore, the True Person squares without cutting, carves without hacking, straightens without dislocating, gives forth light without blinding. (The Tao Te Ching 58)

This is astonishing! What synchronicity!: ‘The True Person … gives forth light without blinding.’ An actual quote about… casting light!

And also, the words about governments totally fit our current ‘lively’ government. The people have indeed ‘been confused for a long time’ and ‘who knows when’ the misery and cunning will cease?

Who do you know who ‘gives forth light without blinding’?

Ooh, good question. Can I go with personalities instead of personal friends/family? Pema Chodron, Esther Hicks, Kristin Neff. I know these are people who have influenced me a great deal. Teachers I trust profoundly.

So they have been illuminating to you. They have cast light on matters you wanted to learn about. 

Yes, largely on the topic of love – self-acceptance, life-acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, letting go of hurt. Also I’ve learnt a great deal about the soul’s journey from others, like Robert Schwartz, Tiara Kumara, Lisa T Brown, Kyron, Matt Kahn. And oh my word, A Course in Miracles.

So, writers, then. Speakers. Teachers. 

Ok, yes. These are teachers who, in my estimation, give forth light without blinding.

TRE Deborah! Nourish Maria! Gifted, kind experts in healing and therapy.

Teachers and healers. 


I know what you’re getting at.

Take it seriously. Take it lightly. Take action. Observe inaction (wu wei). 

Each day is an opportunity to follow a Path. Each and every day is a new blank canvas upon which you can doodle aimlessly, or draw your best intention, aim or passion. What are you writing upon the blank slate of your life today? What is your passion manifesting as, today? Every day, yes every day, is an opportunity to live in Deep Purpose. Deep Purpose. Do you hear that? Every day, you have the full invitation to live according to your Soul’s Plan. Every day. Whether or not you choose to use each day for your Soul’s Plan, or for servicing the whim and whimsy of others’ or your own vague desires, is your choice. 

I hear you! And I know… I’ve held back. Because of shame, for a long while. And because of fear of ego/hubris, too. I’d misunderstood teaching and healing as broadcasting, meddling, jazz-handing.

Teaching and healing simply means: to maintain frequency in all circumstances. Someone comes before you in pain, conflict, despair… you hold the frequency in their presence … and that is the work done! You can see from the Tao Te Ching, we are not asked to preach, change, cut, hack, dislocate or blind others. We are not asked to grumble, spot problems, or point out error and (God forbid) correct it! Remember ACIM on the topic of error? Revise these words from yesterday: 

An Old One has said:

I act without striving and the people transform themselves.

I love stillness and the people straighten themselves.

I do not meddle and the people prosper by themselves.

I am free from desires and the people themselves return to the simplicity of the Uncarved Block. (The Tao Te Ching 57)

Teaching and healing means to maintain frequency despite apparent conditions of suffering, imperfect, toil, injustice, pain, panic. At all times, to maintain frequency. 

Maintain what frequency?

The frequency of Light. 

Argh..! What even IS that?

It is the God-Creator-Source frequency. 

Controversial……… Humans can do that?

Y E S. 

But if this (below) is the frequency of light, we are talking about the tiny visible (rainbow spectrum) portion of frequencies fitting in between UV and infrared:

A scale of frequencies showing where light fits in

Maybe ‘Light’ is not the same as ‘light’.

Oh man. Speak clearly, please.

Maybe the Bible will give you some clarity or reassurance: 

  • 1st John 1: God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.
  • In John 8:12, Jesus said “I am the light of the world:  he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”

I’m with you. Spiritual light and physical-plane light are different things. Maybe even the physical-plane light is a 3D metaphor to help humans comprehend spiritual light. The Light came before the (visible) light, right?

If time were a thing… 

Haha, very funny.

PULL: Peace, unity, light and love. This is the frequency spectrum you are invited to maintain in all conditions. 

Well, why didn’t you say?! Pull in PULL. Got it. Let’s meditate on maintaining the PULL frequency in all conditions.


Well, bless my soul. Because of needing to attend to something else for an hour at the point of starting the above meditation, I decided I would use a Kryon talk as a kind of guided meditation. I looked for one on Light and found this one from 2019. And oh my goodness – more synchronicity: Kryon spends the first part talking about the importance of learning to divide yourself in two and to let your corporeal 3D body channel the part of you connected to Source, for learning and for ‘validation’ – ‘you can even write it down’. In other words, it was a talk on doing Dialogues of Discernment! Beautiful! So confirming!

I am realising that these Dialogues may not be for friends and family, but maybe they are for others who are also on this same… wavelength.

It would be wise to connect with that soul family. You can do so by another name. 

{Gulp.} [This site is on ‘maintenance mode’, ie closed.]


I hear you. M.M. I know. Ok.

Connecting with your Soul Family will fill and console your Heart. And yes this does ultimately include {beloved soul sister}. It’s Dia de Muertos – what have you got to lose by dropping the guards? 

I need to cover my tracks elsewhere.

Then do it, today.

I will. I can wipe out traces in the general world today.

I have something I want to say. It’s about the overall theme I’m getting, from light-casting, activated softening, to self-healing, to loving kindness, to loving thoughts, to maintaining the PULL frequency… What I am getting today is this: I am so lucky – so lucky (and reassured!) to know all this stuff, to have access to unlimited learning as a student of Light (I mean, Kryon/Abraham talks ‘on demand’ on Youtube?!) , to live in this beautiful home, to have my beautiful children and partner, to have freedom over my time, to know I’ve got Amazon stuff coming today, to have this cool tech in my life, to living in this Era of Light/Dark Merging, to have a body, to have free will, to have the 2mg of thought/feeling mastery that I didn’t have before… This isn’t just a hopeful ‘affirmation’. This is a dawning realisation. Maintaining the realisation of our zany good fortune in all circumstances really is maintaining the frequency of PULL, I guess. They say that appreciation and gratitude raise frequency, but realising one’s complete, giddy Good Fortune is a step beyond the ‘Thank you’ of gratitude practice.

“Thank you! Bring me more of this …” has helped you focus your eye and radar in the past week. Remember that. 

Yes. I will. I was lucky to hear it.

I don’t in any way use ‘lucky’ in a superstitious or a vaunting or an apologetic way.

It’s more that the phrase “I am so lucky” has a certain scent and flavour to it which resonates with me.

It’s the resonance of PULL. You want to know how you can be sure of that? Turn the ‘I’ to a ‘We’ and see how the phrase would affect humanity if all were to say it. 


“We are so lucky.”

If all of humanity were to say that phrase, it would cause spontaneous enlightenment. The Earth would ascend in a flash of cosmic lightning. We would all turn to each other in love! 

…And in peace, unity and lightness of being. 

Feeling ready to maintain the frequency of ‘We are so lucky’ in all circumstances? [We know that you have done extensive work on the concept of ‘in all circumstances’ elsewhere (eg ACIM, Abraham) – so we are not taking the phrase lightly, we are just not wanting to go into that at length today. We want you to focus on the phrase.]


‘I am realising we are all so lucky.’

It twinges. You know… The suffering people… I know the phrase to be true because, souls, but… it feels facile without full explanation, especially if people might read this.

Starting with self is always fine. The microcosm is in the macrocosm, and all is One. 

Ok. Ty. Let’s rock this realisation station..!

I am so lucky



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