Peak 123: I am ready for daily, daily, daily heart-to-heart connection


Let the impact of last night’s conversation unfurl itself. A shock to the system was had, on both sides. It was what Gurdjieff might call a ‘Stop!’ moment. Trust it. 

Perhaps your previous experiences were to prepare you for last night’s conversation – so that you could spot what was happening and stop it in its tracks – for the profound benefit of both. That was a healing moment for both. 

Or a red flag…

As you wish. 

It might be time significantly to move the energy today. 

I just feel devastated…

(It might be time significantly to move the energy today.)

Ok. I’ll go for a walk after this. I have nothing in the diary today but a lot of admin to do… I realise on an empty/full day like today how uplifted I am by my Casework meetings. They need spiritual prep and some paper prep, but not all the heavy lifting of the prep for Training work. Right? They are Heart to Heart meetings, always. I would feel happy if I knew I had a Casework meeting today. I will remember that. Maybe that’s my ideal future. Daily Case work sessions from 2pm.

Groundhog day…

Very funny! Ok, ok, ok..! I know. I keep telling myself this revelation about Casework from 2pm as if it were new news. It’s time to market the Casework service – hard. Let the training fade a bit, eh? I could even take training out of my main offers now. I never get training requests from cold clients – it’s all coming via the agencies I’ve approached, and I’ve enough of those agencies looking after me now, right?

What you said that underpins this idea of focussing on Casework is one very important phrase: They are Heart to Heart meetings, always. What has appealed to you about the Training (as opposed to Casework) is the possibility of ‘performance’, and ‘winning an audience’. But you know now, that the heart to heart connection only comes 1:1. Are you prepared to move from performing at the front of a group in search of approbation and admiration (and yet leaving feeling you connected properly with no one), to daily, daily, daily heart to heart connection with individuals? There’s no ‘applause’ to Casework (though the written feedback from Casework is more heartfelt than your training feedback and you appreciate that).

Am I really still attached to the ‘actor’ in me??? Maybe I can channel her into actual acting..? But yes, I hear you. I do hope and believe I might be ready for ‘daily, daily, daily heart to heart connection with individuals‘. Am I mature enough for that yet? I have seemed super-attracted to the performance of training and teaching.

To be fair to yourself, it is more a case of feeling that training is secure income. Can you focus on generating more Casework? 

Yes. I can. Thank you.

I am ready for daily, daily, daily heart-to-heart connection with individuals (Casework clients)

Let’s read…

-59- For governing others and serving heaven there is nothing better than moderation. A person who is moderate returns to the path. Returning to the path brings an abundance of Virtue. This good store of Virtue cannot be conquered. Virtue that cannot be conquered knows no limit. Only a person who has limitless Virtue is fit to lead. Only the leader who possesses the Mother of the country will long endure. This is called making the roots go deep by restraining the trunk. Learn to focus your life and you will see many days. (The Tao Te Ching 59)

Make ‘the roots go deep by restraining the trunk‘. ‘Focus your life‘ and live long. Yes, this affirms the thinking above: focus on One Thing, and make the roots go deep. May I please learn how to market my Casework sincerely, wisely and effectively. May I become a ‘thought leader’ by writing and informing people about this beautiful field, but more importantly, may I become a really capable practitioner. May I take serious care in my practice. May I organise myself so that I can really serve, serve, serve my clients: heart to heart, with skill, expertise, attentiveness and efficacy.

Every contact counts, doesn’t it? 

Exactly. Thank you. The work is done energetically as much as anything else.


= Thinking loving thoughts.

If you like. 

Ok. I hear you. Thank you. I’m with you. The energetic aspect. Yes. Amen.

I am ready for daily, daily, daily heart-to-heart connection (with Casework clients)


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