Peak 13: I am unhooking from hardness and taking the softer option: the heart’s reasoning

Taking a heart-centred approach to life is like learning a new language – you feel like a novice, you can’t always find the means to expression, you have to dig deep, it takes practice. And when you get little breakthroughs of communication, you feel elated.

I gave a speech at a conference and centred in my heart before I spoke. It made a difference in my ability to speak my truth and to connect with individuals in the audience (John-Speaking-InFront would have been proud). Singing in a pub gig last night and reaching into a heartfelt place immediately took me out of self-consciousness and into connectedness with the music… and with flow and ease.

Heart-centred = Connected

Connected = Feeling alive

Feeling alive = Peak experience

There’s something mysterious and valuable to be mined and extracted in this heart-centred business.

You might even say it’s a new step worth taking. Or that you are ready to make this a centre-stage state. What is meant by this is that it’s perhaps time to play more fully, and more regularly, in the heart-centred state, simply to get more of the richness of life and see how life can be intertwined with glee, joy, grinning and whispering with the universe. 

What is ‘whispering with the universe’?

Truly listening to what is happening in the moment. For us to see past the so-called travails of life is the ultimate goal. To be alive and alert to the sheer beauty of living is the goal of this ‘peak experience’ existence you talk about. Knowing that round each corner is either {terror} or {joy} according to one’s inner state, is perhaps the most significant insight a human being can have. 

It takes practice to harness one’s consciousness and inner state together, right?

Only if one is fixed to an old paradigm way of living. The child is free and easy when it comes to anticipating goodness, fun and delight. She shrugs off disappointment with a hearty wail, and moves on. 

Over time, however, she gets more animated and hijacked by that previously-fleeting sense of disappointment, and then it can become the default response?

This is where emotional resilience needs to be taught and then practised like a muscle. Emotional resilience can here be defined as ‘not looking over one’s shoulder as a default way to understand or preempt one’s future’. In other words, emotional resilience is about ‘bouncing forward from adversity’, as an art form. 

I guess it’s an art form worth learning if you’re going to be a human being. What’s the purpose of this life that has adversity at it’s centre?

Precisely to learn that ‘nothing is as it seems‘.


Because faith in our inner creativity teaches us that ‘everything is as we make it‘. 

Do I have faith in my inner creativity? I suppose I am learning it. What more can I do to develop this aspect of my awareness?

You can listen more profoundly to the ‘voice of reasons’ inside. Reasons… for living, for thriving, for giving, for choosing well. 

Ah, interesting. Is this intellectual or emotional reasoning then? Reason includes (Merriam Webster):

(1)the power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially in orderly rational ways INTELLIGENCE
(2)proper exercise of the mind
bthe sum of the intellectual powers

Here we are talking about the heart’s reasoning. 

Does it work on a different framework to the mind’s reasoning?

Yes, it is more connected to that which is universal (as opposed to individualistic, egoic, defensive, fear-based). 

The heart’s reasoning is universal and therefore…?

The heart’s reasoning is universal in that its language is that of oneness, unity, connectedness, trust, care, love, knowing, abundance, creativity, intuition and clairsentience. It is plugged into the good grid. 

The good grid?

The network of knowing, of love, of divine intelligence. 

I want to be plugged into the good grid…!

Then get soft. ‘The moment for softness has come.’ Only a soft, open, focussed, held, poised, soft, fresh, upward-pointing state resonates on the good grid. Hardness, defensiveness, I-ness, whirlwind, head-over-heels tumbling, crashing is a frequency which simply pings itself out of the good grid. 

{Some people might call all this talk ‘word soup’…}

You can hold on to the old if you so choose. Or you can be prepared to enter the new which is non-linear… hence appearing to be ‘soup’-like.

Ok. Heard. Ty. This heart’s reasoning, then. This softness. This good grid. What’s the key phrase for me here to explore these concepts in coming days?

It’s about taking the softer option. It’s about being aware of when we are coming from trust/abundance/knowing, and when we are coming from fear/density/defence. It’s about having the distance from the coal-face of our human experience to see the choice on the horizon, and then the awareness to take the softer option when the moment of choosing presents itself.

Ok. I can feel the stirring of my fear of my own apathy/laziness/stopping/melting/giving up… It’s like those people I teach mindfulness to who say “I need stress to do my best work.” Can I unhook from hardness and the hard option? Let’s give it a go. Thank you for this dialogue.

You’re welcome. 

I am unhooking from hardness and taking the softer option: the heart’s reasoning

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