Peak 140: I am channelling love outwards

Yes! FM is so good when you first touch base with the Heart’s Objective. The Heart speaks so clearly (Hard Yes!).

Yesterday, I had an away-day with one of the businesses I work for. On the train there I realised I ought to prepare for the gathering. My head would have said, ‘Remember to stand out, prove yourself, sell yourself…’. Instead I asked my Heart what it wanted out of the day: ‘Friendship’ came in, loud and clear, repeatedly. Yes! Exactly. I was meeting with my 5 colleagues, experts in my field, and beautiful souls. To aim to come away with increased friendship felt nourishing and true. With Friendship as my Heart’s Objective, I arrived at the meeting in a more relaxed, open and receptive state – and later when robust conversations arose about our business model, it transpired that I was able to speak with authenticity, honesty and boundaries (Firm Noes) because I wasn’t there to jazzhand but rather to connect with friends, allies, fellow-earthwalkers… Amazing.

I’m learning to tune into the Heart’s Yes FM. And I like it. I trust it.

Your reflections on yesterday?

It was a day of learning to be true, and trusting that speaking one’s truth is not only safe but healing for the collective. 

What came of yesterday?

Courage of conviction, based on heart-centred thinking. 

Wow. Excellent. I would like to apply that today. And tomorrow. And the days beyond.

Ask your heart what its objective is for today.

[Close eyes; hands on heart] Heart, what is your objective for today?

Heart: Fun! Having ‘whoops’! 

Aaah… And I’ve been thrusting deadening plans for ‘Christmas shopping, tax return and invoicing’ in your face…. On a Saturday… You need a break right?

Heart: Lightness. We need levity. 

There’s been a lot of seriousness this week, I know. And tiredness. Let’s read.

-77- The way of heaven is like the bending of a bow. The high end is pulled down and the low end is raised up. The excessive is diminished and the deficient is supplemented. It is the way of heaven to take where there is too much in order to give where there is not enough. The way of people is otherwise. They take where there is not enough in order to increase where there is already too much. Who will take from their own excesses and give to all under heaven? Only those who hold to the Tao. Therefore, the True Person benefits yet expects no reward, does the work and moves on. There is no desire to be considered better than others. (The Tao Te Ching 77)

Wow, well this seems to sum up yesterday’s General Election 2019 Tory landslide in a nutshell: ‘They take where there is not enough in order to increase where there is already too much.’ Whereas the Way of Tao is ‘to take where there is too much in order to give where there is not enough‘. So it behoves those who would follow the Way to:

  • take from their own excesses and give to all under heaven
  • benefit yet expect no reward; do the work and move on
  • harbour no desire to be considered better than others

I think I need to be careful not to mix this delicate concept up with some more generalised idea of ‘doing work for free because it’s all for a good cause’ … and thus diminishing my own financial security and sustainability. There’s something different in there for me, maybe about sharing one’s own excesses or abundance?

I have this feeling that I have some stored up treasures I’m not sharing out. And that might well be an error of judgement, or a hoarding of goodness received. What treasures? Knowledge gifted to me, in particular. Healing knowledge to be precise.

What do you think, Voice of my Soul? Is it ‘healing knowledge’?

The treasures for sharing are experiential. This is not about sharing Universal Truths, as much as sharing your personal perspective. You are articulate. 

Thank you. You too. How can I articulate my experiences? I’ve tried before.

Not really… 

What do you mean?

We mean you tried extremely tentatively, and only with people who had a big, closed door to knock down. 

I don’t want to jazzhand, or seek gain/benefit.

So ‘do the work and move on‘ as Lao Tzu says. ‘Expect no reward‘ and harbour ‘no desire to be considered better than others‘. ‘Take from [your] own excesses and give to all under heaven.’

It’s not enough just to vote for a party of sharing, redistribution and caring for the vulnerable, is it?

No precious soul, it isn’t. 

What does this mean for me?

What do you think it means? 

Well, if i ask myself where my ‘own excesses’ lie, it’s in thinking about and processing difficult experiences. I kind of give this back with my work…

You had the idea to ‘make m***n mainstream’. What happened to that? 

Lack of courage..? Uncertainty…? Doubt. Seeking security.

If you had a vision of a perfect world what would it look like?

Everyone would solve their disagreements by consultative conversations.

And therefore what’s your mission?

To make m***n (methods, tools, techniques, skills) mainstream.

And what values do you subscribe to? 

  1. Unity in diversity – respecting and celebrating and welcoming and valuing differences of background, opinion and preference.
  2. Experimentation – we are all learning and finding out together how to live alongside each other. No one has all the answers yet.
  3. Compassion – everyone is doing their best. Life is not easy and we don’t know what others are going through or have been through.

So what’s your goal for next year? 

To share tools for consultative conversations as widely as possible.

Good, that’s your Head’s goal. And does your heart subscribe to this goal/objective?


Heart’s Objective:  Teach Love as communication (Good Chat), compassion, consciousness and collaboration.

Ok. Good.

And what actions or initiatives might support you to deliver on your Goal and Objective? 

[I’ve taken this offline to my Goals and Trackers doc]. Thank you, this has been helpful, and rallying, and focussing.

You have a role to play in making this world a better place. As does every single being on this planet. That is why you are allllll here. And you do that not by suffering, but by finding ways to share your unique expression of infinite intelligence as it passes in and through you. Dear souls of this Earth, rejoice for you are simply channels of universal Love – to the degree you are able to believe that so noble a role could be really your life’s purpose. Stand up. Stand up and allow the brilliance of Source energy to flow through you – and out of you. Yes. Let it flow out of you. The divine is creating New Earth through you, each and every one of You, each and every day. 

Beautiful. And encouraging. So…

Today allow the energy of Light to flow through you. 

Really? What does that mean.

To understand what it means, learn to sense the throughflow, the uplift, the windbeneaththewings… Let it flow through you. Acknowledge you are simply a channel of Universal Love. 

I am a channel of Universal Love? How do I wrap that up in a way my mind will work with?

I am channelling love outwards. 

Ok. Let’s run with that then. May this concept be blessed in me, and in all.

I am channelling love outwards. 






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