Peak 16: I am trusting my Heart when it says ‘Everything is AOK’

So this ‘gathering attention and listening to my heart’ has been a great experiment because the results are so consistent and so positive.

When really, deeply listened to, the Heart constantly says:

{Everything is A.O.K! It’s just that your Mind believes that…}

And then you can easily fill in the rest of the statement (which is often fairly daffy), and deal with it, and then Everything really is AOK again.

eg. The Mind believes that:

  • “I’m going to get into trouble” -> give that a reality check -> Everything’s AOK
  • “We’re going to be late” -> make a Plan B just in case -> Everything’s AOK
  • “Everyone’s going to hate me” -> decide to make peace with that possibility -> Everything’s AOK
  • “That person is angry with me” -> accept that possibility and work with the feelings arising -> Everything’s AOK

So you are learning to trust that Everything is AOK. You are learning to trust the knowledge of your heart. Your heart is so finely tuned to the creative source that it is fearless – which is unnerving to the mind, no? The mind works by flagging sources of fear. The heart is different. It knows better. Over time, the person shifts allegiance from the mind to the heart. And being in the heart-centred state, the person then comes back to pick up the dear mind, dust it off, reassure it, and bring it along for the journey as an equal partner. The mind can never make an equal partner of the heart – for it mistrusts the heart’s apparent naivety. The heart however knows better. 

Who is this ‘person’ which apparently shifts allegiance from Mind to Heart?

The Person, the Mind and the Heart are the triumvirate parts of the Soul manifested on the physical plane. 

Cool. I love that. Is the Person like the ‘self’? The id? The observer? What is it?

The Person is the downloading mechanism that controls the floodgates of the Soul into the body. 

So that’s why it can decide whether the mind or the heart ‘rules’?

Yes. You can consider it like a water directing mechanism. Imagine a river with a great big alternator in it, controlling whether the flow goes down channel A or channel B at any time, according to present conditions of flow magnitude and riverbed stability. The Person is the alternator, getting more and more agile and refined at timing when Head or Mind needs to lead, as the life progresses. This is the purpose of spiritual growth, to be a deft alternator controller. 

Does the Person tend to follow the Mind channel more as a younger person – sitting with logic, fear, ego etc, in order to grow a personality and a place on the planet?

You might think so, but actually the young Person is very heart-orientated. It’s true that Mind then enters in to lead after a few knocks to the Heart. The Mind likes to sell the story that the Heart can not be trusted to keep a Person safe. The Return to the Heart, the return to love, is the highlight of the human life. 

Like the addicted person who overcomes loneliness-induced addiction in mid-life and finds that love, friendship and support were available to her all the time.

Like the ambitious career high-flyer who suddenly gives it all up to apply his leadership skills to a charity.

Like the parent who never had time for their children, but suddenly understands deep paternal love second time round with the birth of their first grandchild.

Eventually, we give in and trust the Heart’s call to Love, right?

Sounds like it. But first, we give in and trust the Heart’s first clear message: “Hey sister, guess what? Everything, yes, e v e r y t h i n g is A O K.” Relish that, dear one. 

I am trusting my Heart when it says ‘Everything is AOK’


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