Peak 25: I am the wise pilot

I have now learnt that:

  • Watcher Mode and Reactor Mode are two opposing and countering modes. Useful to know.
  • Watcher Mode is not a Passive Mode – it’s an alert Active Mode
  • Watcher Mode seems to be about not watching what’s around externally so much as watching one’s internal weather patterns. Interesting. It’s like meditation with the eye’s open in the midst of life.
  • I have swathes of anxiety pumping through me and my system at the moment:  my internal weather pattern is like the preceding phase to an electrical storm.

It can be difficult to bear witness to the degree of tropical heat and storminess within our inner systems, but remember that when a storm breaks and discharges its electricity, the air is left clearer afterwards. It can be anticipated that this sensation of pent-up energy and concern and frustration will clear and leave the atmosphere cleansed anew. 

This morning (Sunday) I woke at 5.30am with an anxiety attack I couldn’t shake off – until I eventually got up at 7am to make a coffee with enough caffeine to meet and offset my raging adrenal activity… :-/

There are actions you can take to support the discharge of electricity: 

  • qigong, first and foremost – and especially on the lawn outside
  • active exercise like hiking, cycling and swimming
  • singing and drumming and dancing to music

And there is a word that you can play with and turn over in your heart: 


You watched that film about the development of ‘the wise king’ [Thor]. 

I did. Last night. It was a hero’s journey kind of film.

What did the future king have to develop? 

Selflessness, humility, courage, discernment, forgiveness, mercy…

And what do you need to develop on your ‘hero’s journey’? 

Patience, courage, overcoming temerity, resilience, confidence…

Oh dear goodness, what else is required of me in this life… except for overcoming darkness…?

Overcoming darkness. Interesting. What does this mean to you? 

Oh, I think you know. Sloughing off the terrors and tyranny of heavy, dark, clingy, weighing energy.

Well, then, that is helpful to know. Overcoming darkness is surely achieved by introducing more light, no? 

In which case…

Let’s turn some more lights on. 


By reassuring our soul that it is in charge. 

Oof. Ok. Soul, you are in charge. Let the good stuff rain down and the clouds clear and the light shine in.

Are you praying there, dear friend?

Yep. I’m opening up the channels for a new delivery.

A new delivery of…?

Updated wisdom, for this stage of my life, for this age. The world – no, specifically, my country and its political system is in complete meltdown… I’ve been rocked by it in recent days and weeks. I need not to be swept along with these heavy, dark rumbling storm clouds in the external world, but rise above them in my intentions.

It is my intention to take a lighter approach, and rise above the heavy electrical storm clouds. Yes! That concept gives me a sense of relief. Let’s find an image to represent this…

How about this pilot who takes pictures of storms from above from the vantage point of the cockpit?

Flying above the storm clouds Flying above the storm clouds

Beautiful images, and helpful imagery.

Maybe the Watcher Mode is like being the pilot in the cockpit:

View from the cockpit by Santiago Borja View from the cockpit by Santiago Borja

And how does the pilot in the cockpit navigate the storms? 

By going over them, or around them…

What faculties does she call upon to achieve this? 

Experience, training, good use of tech, wisdom…

Yes, the wise pilot circumnavigates the storms. 

The wise pilot prepares for take off and landing in advance. 

The wise pilot keeps a level head even during the bumpiest of rides. 

The wise pilot remains seated in the cockpit and trusts her technology (tbh, dear Boeing, she does so even when it’s faulty…)

The wise pilot appreciates her vantage point. 

The wise pilot works well with her co-pilot and crew. 

The wise pilot sets her destination and plots her pathway before take-off. 

If the aeroplane is my life, I am its pilot, right?

Yes, dear soul. You are doing so well. Be at peace with yourself. Relax and trust that you are wisely piloting the aeroplane of your life. It’s a great big double-decker plane, and you’ve got it. Be at peace with yourself. Trust your machine, your crew, your course. Be gentle, calm, and a soft watcher. Trust in the wisdom accrued across your life. Trust in your own wisdom. All is well. All is well. 

Thank you. I appreciate this. I feel a great deal calmer and reassured. I’ll take this on board. I’ll remember that I am able to navigate things. I’ll remember I am not in the storm, and the storm is not in me.

Say: I am the wise pilot

I am the wise pilot


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