Peak 24: I am in watcher mode

What’s the most abundant thought I could have?

“I am free”

Woah. That’s cool. Like that beautiful concept in A Course in Miracles:

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.

What does ‘free’ even mean here? In ACIM it seems to be defined as ‘not a body’ but ‘still as God created me’, but I’ve never known if ‘still’ here means ‘motionless’ or ‘as ever’.

Your interpretation of the ACIM line is sweet – and yes, both are applicable. You will know that ‘stillness’ is a truly divine quality, yet ‘as ever’ is a good representation of the eternal nature of God, and therefore of you. 

So, what are we talking about when we talk about being free?

Not bound to the 3D physical dimension. 

But rather…?

Unbound. Delivered. Released. Unchained. 

And therefore this means…?

One’s choices can be made more malleable, more pliable, more conscious of the mystery of the unseen (meta) dimensions. 

What is this mystery?

The so-called mystery is simply the clear realm beyond the human consciousness veil. 

Very mysterious. Like the contents of a locked cupboard.

Only the cupboard’s not locked.

Ooh! That is mysterious! Well, where’s the door?

In you. 

How do I open it?

Quietly. Silently even. No noise. No added fanfare. No additional meaning applied. No reducing ‘interpretation’ delivered. Silent watchfulness is all that is required and asked for. 

This is why I’m learning to unwind, isn’t it? To learn to cease cranking up the noise.

And to hear better. 

Well, that I like.

And to watch better. 

I would be happy to work with watching and hearing. In general, I’m into the idea of developing my sense of my inner observer. And reducing the worldly activity of my external pheasant beater. I’m into learning to watch and hear, and learning to be satisfied with that watching/hearing activity exactly as it is – without feeling that those sensory stimuli need to be received as cues to react or do or respond or judge or in any way do anything about them.

Oh my goodness, the idea of stepping off my vigil post makes me want to sleep for a thousand years.

Hyper-vigilance was the [see => do] state for you, wasn’t it? 

Yes, every noted thing in my environment was a flag telling me to react, do, respond, care for, tackle…

‘Every noted thing’. Noted things which remain as noted things are good. 

Maybe non-reactive noting of what I see and hear would be a good practice.

Does this feel ‘free…as God created me’?

No. It feels a bit trapped. Help.

Try noting things and saying ‘Oh, yes, the sound of a car… oh yes, a flower…’

But then… ‘Oh yes, spilt milk! Oh yes, laundry to be done! Oh yes, unanswered emails!’ When should noting become prompting for action, and when is it just noting like a passive lemming? Ooh, why am I so triggered here?

Feeling trapped? By obligation? Being free is not ‘free from ‘obligation’. It’s free to choose. And being free to choose is the doorway to creativity. If you can relax your need to know, succeed, control, or convey meaning, you will feel freer to be you. 

Argh. Authenticity. What even is this?

It’s something that arises when you become less reactive to passing sensory stimuli. 


Try getting into ‘watcher’ mode, and see (ha!) what happens. 

Ok, friend. I’ll do so and report back.

I am in watcher mode



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