Peak 29: I am switching state from 3D to 5D

I am switching state workwise‘ over the last week gave me these fascinating state experiences:

  1. I am the high-court judge getting dressed before a day in court (20mins): this got me from ‘in bed exhausted at midday’ to ‘up, showered and ready for work’ in a smart, easy 20 mins. I felt like the judge in the Ian McEwan book, The Children Act (played by Emma Thompson in the film I’ve not yet seen) Pragmatic, business-like, brusque, steely yet kind.
  2. I am the efficient PA /secretary / receptionist / office manager – clearing the space and, arranging the diary and projects, before the CEO arrives (1 hour): Under this guise, I managed to completely clear my laden desk, arrange my calendar, do 3 months of backed-up filing, list my to dos, set up current project folders … It gave me a detached, busy air, and I just focussed on ‘clearing the decks before she gets here’ – as if my alter ego boss was someone completely different. I wasn’t responsible for doing stuff – just tidying and ordering it.
  3. I am the nimble project planner (45mins):  I now took the lists and planned out when everything would get done.
  4. I am the nurse on the battlefield (1 day – Tues): This one popped up the morning of a day working in London. My goodness, it gave me a calm level-headedness amidst the hustling crowds on the tube and streets. I felt completely different inside. Purposeful, poised, and unfazed by the chaos whirling about me. With colleagues I felt able to be settled, peaceable and present – so much so that one close colleague said, “You seem very relaxed. What are you doing differently?” [PS. At a seminar I was attending, a colleague from an international firm I’m associated to suddenly offered me the opportunity to do occasional remote client work for them – as per my stated worklife balance aim of just a couple of days ago. Astounding. Thank you, Universe!]
  5. I am the Creative Director with preferences (1 day – Wed): The role was inspired by the following quote I read that morning –  “You can master the game of life simply by acting only upon whatever it is that you prefer and what gives you inner jubilation. Even if you are experiencing some struggle or confusion as to what you really want, at the very least, clearly define what your preferences are in life, down to the simplest of things. Then step by step, begin to match these preferences by acting them out. Prime the pump by just starting to live your preferred resonance. A new day will dawn. Stress releases. Internal pressure goes away.” Kumara 2019, p153. The Creative Director With Preferences is literally paid to have and act upon her pretences. In her preferences they trust. The company relies, depends upon her constantly stating and sharing her intuited preferences. She is completely comfortable tuning into, and acting upon, her preferences, personal and professional, at any moment. That is her job. Her mantra:

“My preference is…”:

  • To be a little bit early
  • To take my breakfast with me
  • To get dressed and then do my emails
  • To run the projects simultaneously
  • To take advantage of the kind offer

Result: “iPrefer…” is an important and resonance-bringing phrase. Use often! (NB Not ‘I would prefer’, which is markedly different.)

6. I am the secret radio operator (1 day – Thurs): The secret radio operator carries an invisible central antenna, reaching up for the highest and faintest signals. Listening. Intuiting. Interpreting. Hearing. Broadcasting. Unfortunately when I create cortisol stress (basically by not observing and acting upon my iPrefers) I create frequency interference and my antenna loses signal. As nothing matters more than keeping the receptive line connected to signal, I must stay aligned with my inner being, which broadcasts my preferences out to me. When I am peaceably in the receptive mode, really centred and switched on to my antenna, it’s as if I’m tuning in to the songs of the angels.

7. I am the inspector, present now, and non-judgmental (1 day- Fri): the inspector is the observer, watcher, mentor. She sees what’s going on, compassionately but with the eye of scrutiny also. She reserves judgement, for she wants to see very closely what-is-actually-happening, without any prejudice or assumption. If anything, she assumes a position of ‘support for all she sees’. She’s ‘present now’ because her role is simply to be in tune with whatever is happening at any moment. She can reflect on it critically later. For now she just wants to see what’s happening, clearly and dispassionately. She’s the keen observer, and must be careful not to bring any personal mental states, memories or inner chunterings to bear. She needs to wipe her feet at the door and enter in an energised, kind and listening state. She is very ‘tall’- this gives her a good view and good perspective. The tall inspector is like a watch tower, surveying, observing, keeping an eye…. How satisfying to experiment with the feeling of being the inspector, not the inspectee; the scrutiniser, as opposed to the examinee…


(Sat) I am conscious that someone reading the above might not approach it sympathetically. I feel I want to defend it by declaring how acute my anxiety and exhaustion across this working week, and how this game gave me undreamt of hope and focus and distraction and the ability to keep going across a week of early mornings and too much travel and inflamed adrenals.

And so it did! Just wonderful! What great use of the exercise! You can defend it if you like, but the proof is in the fruits of the exercise. You got through the overly-busy week beautifully, and you had fun, and above all, you learnt about the immense flexibility of your inner state. You showed yourself how you can step in to whatever state you wish, at any time. 

Yes. That is true. I absolutely loved picking a state and ‘enacting’ it, rather than being carried along, reactive and passive, by the conditions of the day I stumbled in to. It’s like ‘switching state’ consciously is the antidote to being swept along by the tide of the day. And each switched state becomes such an incredible teacher too. It’s like jumping into someone else’s shoes and seeing the world from their perspective. And thus realising that perspective truly is an inside job, an act of choice, rather than necessarily the outcomes of circumstance or some actual ‘reality’. There is no reality but the one we select as our filter. And then we start to effect ‘vibrational matching’ between ourselves and that invited good state – which can only be a good thing in terms of the overall pot of our vibrational messaging to the good universe out there and in here.

Which was your favourite ‘switched state’? 

I think maybe ‘the nurse on the battlefield’, because I was startled the difference that the adoption of the state made to a day working in London, which can often leave me in tears or at the very least completely frazzled. And I even got that comment from my colleague about seeming ‘very relaxed’ and ‘different’. But all the states were fun and completely illuminating.

So how shall I take this forward next?

Try a spot of reading now…


I did some reading {T Kumara, 2019}. So much in my heart, body and mind at the moment. Please come in…

Your heart’s both open and closed right now, isn’t it? It appears to be having difficulty knowing whether to open or close its front door. The result is a bit of flick-flack for you, and for those around you. It’s partly tiredness (nay, exhaustion) and it’s partly uncertainty about … who you are. 

I think I know what you mean. Please go on.

This is a live conversation, so your closing-heart mechanism presents one opportunity, while your open-heart state presents another. 

Ok, yes! I understand. I’m back in open heart state. For you.

Your present situation is one of binary postionality. On the one hand… and on the other. Two sides of the coin. Both yes and no. Maybe this, maybe that.

Can you find your ven diagram overlap? 

Dare I? The two positions are so separate, I daren’t bring them together for fear they’ll scoff at each other.

Those days are long gone, dear friend. The only way to meet the souls true to your being,and soul group, is to present the whole of you, which means presenting precisely the (seemingly counter-intuitive) mix of type A and type B. 

Hm. I suspect you mean: Old earth/new earth; 3D/5D; physical/metaphysical.

Indeed. You would be surprised how many people are just waiting for more souls to present their complete 3D/5D selves to the world, so they can have the courage to follow suit. Troops of souls are harbouring secret selves brimming with intuition, knowing, clairsentience. 

This is not a ‘mental health recovery blog’. It’s a ‘soul recovery blog’, and you know it. 

[Pause for thought……]

Ok. I agreed with that, so I’ve just changed the strapline to this blog (which is currently on maintenance mode anyway): “Inner dialogues for soul recovery”

How do you feel to have done that? 

Relieved, actually. More true, and freer to write authentically again. Part of me was writing for a purely 3D audience… I didn’t want to be seen as funky.. I wanted to be able to speak to ‘anyone’.

You are only here to speak to us. The rest is taken care of. 

Ok. Yes, I sense that better now. So… soul recovery. What’s my peak soul recovery action of vibrational matching and state switchery today?


Sorry, ‘state switching’.

… … … We love it when you settle in to the receptive mode. You really are a good listener and the download speed is good. We’re imprinting on to your auric field when you sit still like that, with your reindeer style antennae reaching up, and your inner state at stillpoint. You have excellent access to the subtle frequencies, and they want to communicate with you.  You become the magnetic antenna to which the heavenly messages flow. Your self-consciousness has blocked this for a while. We are back, here and frisky as ever. We know you are interested to hear. Are you happy to let us speak to you? 

Yes. Very.

The task at hand is less ‘Mend You’ and more ‘Watch World’. We need people who can be eyes and ears for us. Gridkeepers. 

Oh heavens. I wondered if this was coming at some point… What even is this?

Gridkeepers read and write upon the present moment, in keeping with the planned evolution of humanity’s blueprint upon Earth. 

I’m not sure everyone’s going to like this.

This message is not for ‘everyone’ or even ‘anyone’ but you. Close off your ears to ‘anyone’ whose judgment you do not care for. 

Ok. I hear you. So, what is this GK role?

Eyes and ears; reading and writing upon the present moment. 

When the current form has been read, it can be rewritten with the uplifted alternative. 


‘I read the present moment (secret radio operator; inspector) and now I write upon it. With pure positive love.’

Actively with words/actions, or in my mind’s eye with intuition and perception?

Good questions indeed. This is actually your call. 

What is the grid?

The network of recovered souls who anchor light in the planet. 

Am I recovered?

In the 5D paradigm, you are recovered. In the 3D paradigm you still carry wounds. That is why having the door of your heart swinging randomly open (5D) and closed (3D) is causing you distress. It’s why you don’t know ‘who you are’.

How do I stay in that 5D paradigm state more often, more consciously?

You have been practising switching state for this reason, dear one. 

Their are plenty of wonderful 5D states you can slip in to – as if you had a huge wardrobe of Elton John costumes to play with. 

Ha. I like that analogy, especially because he used them consciously, I understand… I haven’t seen the film Rocketman yet, but someone yesterday was saying Elton John used his costumes like ‘power suits’. Likewise, my Dad used to call his smartest, tailored blue suit a ‘power suit’, and wear it for important negotiation meetings.

Wonderful! These visible out signs are awesome ways of imprinting on reality! 5D power suits are even more fun because they are invisible. You have to pull in the energy fully, but your suit can be of any hue or detail without you feeling self-conscious, because no one (except the intuitive) can actually see it. It can be perceived by others though. 

And what are the 5D states I might be switching to?

This is for you to play with.

Aha! Ok. Cool. I guess some of this I kind of played with last weekend in the initial ‘switching state’ game. What’s the difference here. What even is a 5D state?

A 5D state is one in which abundance is complete and fear is a distant memory. It is a state in which all peace, unity, light and love are embedded in each moment. 

Ah, so when you say, read each present moment and write upon it, you might be talking about our seeing a situation which is purportedly one of chaos, disunity, darkness and hate, and then rewriting it through the eyes of divinity… like A Course in Miracles, which constantly teaches that what we see is one thing from the mistaken perspective of ego (“broken, wrong, erroneous, imperfect”), and quite another thing from the true perspective of the divine inner eye (“whole, right, correct, perfect”). (It’s been a while since I read ACIM.)


It’s like restoring things to their actual state through our perceptive vision…

Exactly! Excellent. 

So, I need some magic glasses, to be able to see everything as ‘whole, perfect, complete’?

No, not really. You need to activate an inner switch, which can toggle between perception states, playfully. It’s like saying “Filter / No filter / Filter / No filter” 

Is the 5D perception state the ‘filter’? And am I switching my own state, or just my perception?

The 5D state is #NoFilter. The 3D state is the #Filter state, because it is under the veil of the fearful, angry, blaming ego. It is hard to separate your own state from your perception (unless one is a little bit sociopathic – in which case you can see the heavy 3D state and remain untouched).

An example: you come across sweary graffiti on a wall.

  • 3D/Ego Filter: “That’s a disgrace. I feel angry about the youth of today.”
  • 5D/Love NoFilter: “My brother or sister has something important to say. Let their concerns be answered, and their heart fully reassured.”

Your default state is 3D, which is fine because that is your ‘reader’ mechanism in the GK role. As soon as you can intuit having read the present moment through the egoic filter (ie a sense of judgment, loss or conflict has arisen) then ‘switch state’ to the 5D, glimpse the actual moment with #NoFilter and write your seeing upon that moment. Job done. 

I feel like a spy or secret agent… Is this practice not weird? Am I not finding error in ‘what is’ in the very act of rewriting it? Am I not like one of those village speedgun volunteers, nastily watching out for the next speeding car…?

Ah…. That’s me talking through my ego filter! I see it!! Ok…. Let me Switch State to 5D #NoFilter and write upon that moment: “This is beautiful information coming through to me and I will love playing this fun and fruitful game.

Ok. I get it. Thank you. And I know exactly what that 3D judgment state feels like. It’s a grippy, pinched feeling. The 5D ‘acceptance’ state is on the other hand ungripping, releasing, easing.

So, I think my cup runneth over. What’s the phrase, please?

Try, ‘I am switching state from 3D to 5D’

Oooh. Ok. I will. Stay with me and educate me, please. Guide me and steer my hand, eyes and words.


I am switching state from 3D to 5D


[Later same day…]

Help. I’m spiralling. I seem supremely negative and -2D about everything! I keep finding myself criticising random things, and passing judgment left, right and centre. What’s going on?!! I literally seem to be seeing everything through a filter of blame, disgruntlement, judgement and scarcity….?!

Think: “Perfect. It’s all perfect.” And relax. ?

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