Peak 36: I am heartened by who I am

If being ‘heartened by blessings’ is the way to start relaxing the heart and begin sensing the unceasing inflow of gifts from above and around (including noticing and responding to the immense kindness of our loved ones…), what is the way to know who we are in our most authentic version of ourself? I ask this as I have this sense of a bridge across a river, and I’m about 25% across that bridge.

On the original side of the bridge is the world where we fit into a given, acceptable or formulated identity (‘the trusted professional’, ‘the normal parent’, ‘the everyday businessperson’) and we hide our non-‘outside’ self, so as not to frighten the others with its quirkiness. We live a bifurcated life, but that is the price we pay for being trusted in the 3D world.

On the other side of the bridge is a world where we present readily, openly and authentically, as All Of Ourselves, with the quirky, mysterious, unformulated parts of us worn as freely and lightly as we used to wear corporate scarves.

Readiness. Readiness is the word to sit with. The question is: who is ready? Not: ‘Who is ready to see others in their 100% identity?’ But rather, ‘Who is ready to be seen in their 100% identity?’

Is it like coming out? The person decides when they are ready…?

The unification has to be complete internally first. As long as the person sees their two identities as distinct, or at odds, or as mutually excluding, their internal resonance is dissonant. Thus, ‘coming out’ with hidden elements of themselves will provoke a sense of dissonance in the receiver. 

However, should the person be able to accept themselves completely, just as they are, and find all aspects of themselves to be coherent with their true beautiful whole, then the presentation of a complete self to the world will not jar externally anyway! 

It feels like it’s something to do with getting a clearer sense of the bigger picture one is acting within…?

Absolutely. If a professional person sees their professional world as the only/most ‘important’ part of their world, they will flood into its every corner proudly and completely. And that gives a sense of fulfilment.

But perhaps a person can see their professional work in a broader perspective. Perhaps they map it into a socio-economic context, and feel its significance in terms of impact upon lives lived. Or perhaps they see their day-to-day actions as part of a political movement… Or perhaps they see their life’s work against the backdrop of a paradigm shift in global consciousness… 

What is the anchor for you?

Undoubtedly, my interest, for 25 years – maybe even since I went to my first conference on the study of Time aged 14 or so – would be the paradigm shift in global consciousness.

There. That is helpful to know isn’t it?

It certainly makes my worldview feel more coherent in its wide-ranging breadth. Less off-beat. Less controversial. Less like it’s letting down the LinkedIn Pact of Professional Rectitude.

What would happen if I abandoned LinkedIn and all of those other ‘professional platforms’ altogether?

Nothing but progress, dear soul. 

But what about the platforms that actually pay me?

Let them pay you, exactly as you are. And let them let you go if you don’t fit their criteria. That’s ok too. 

It makes me think of Christians (most of whom I know love their faith and most importantly, Jesus, so very deeply) – who might choose to be ‘out’ or not in their professional field. Those who use the fish symbol on their business marketing will gain and lose some customers… but they will have been authentic first.

You can gently let go of the idea of being ‘out’, dear soul. Get inside first, and find the integrity in your thinking and worldview. Step away from thinking you have suddenly, or in any way, to lob your naked self out into the market place. Absorb the complexity of your worldview, and integrate it. Feel its wholeness. Like all of you as you are. 

Maybe I can play with being heartened by… who I am??


I am heartened by who I am



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