Peak 43: I am emanating love

Yesterday, when I was delivering my (somewhat dreaded because of its import) training session on suicide prevention and intervention, I sat solidly (to the degree possible) in the mode of looking inwards rather than outwards for approval. The result, inside me? Less jazz-handing. Less fawning, vaunting, performing. Much more listening, remaining present, fostering inner stillness and balance. The outer result…? A room full of settled, engaged, open-hearted participants. The quality of input from the group was exceptional. Really, what a bunch of deep souls. Maybe all participants in my training are deep souls and I’ve just drowned out their wisdom by my misguided can-can dancing for their intellectual ‘approval’ of the content, quality and expertise of “my” training. Yesterday, the experts in the room really were the participants. And my role was confidently to hold space for them to externalise their expertise…. and their souls’ knowings. (These were frontline staff who work with the most vulnerable people in society, sharing their knowing on the theme of suicide…).

At the end of the training, one person came to me to thank me for the session with these beautiful words, which I must savour and hold in my heart to understand how special this response was, at the level of my soul…:

“You just emanate love!”

I think that’s really the best feedback I could ever receive, isn’t it?

Can you receive those words in the way in which the universe deployed them to you?

Maybe. If this became my one guiding principle and value and activity and MO for the rest of my life…I’d do ok wouldn’t I? As long as I didn’t fetishise it, or make it into a dull, empty cliche…

Dude! Come back! Try again…

Ha! Ok. Second time round:

If ’emanating love’ became my one guiding principle and value and activity and MO for the rest of my life…I’d do ok wouldn’t I?

Yes, siree Bob. You would do ok, indeed. 

Why not play with this orientation over the coming days, especially in those tangled comms with people who you perhaps sense or perceive to be in a closed-hearted state? 

The dear soul who delivered those kind words to you yesterday (Emily) also described how she had finally identified herself as a highly-sensitive person (HSP) – and you both discussed how this factor, which you share dear Aspie friend, was a gift not a liability. So remember this too: the HSP can swim freely like a dolphin above the weighty sunken ships of closed-heartedness if she is prepared to do her HSP thing… which is to emanate love!

Love emanation gives you wings! I have this image of ceasing to go face to face with the heavy, grumpy, confused, cross, nervous souls (which I have somehow lined myself up with as a mercenary gun for hire), but getting lift-off on rocket-boots by charging oneself up with love and then emanating it… Also like Mary Poppins and co., rising to the ceiling with laughter.

The state of emanating love is a high-frequency state. It doesn’t clag up with passing low frequencies. This is where your empathic qualities have made it hard for you to do comms – because you have sought to meet people on their (often heavy, defensive, sad, materially weighted) frequency to communicate with them. No need, sweet soul. Fly high and then scatter sunshine-scented missives out of your hot-air balloon basket.

I ain’t no angel.

Says who? Everyone is an angel. Angels on earth need to find out how to gain their wings again. And you are discovering that ’emanating love’ gives you back your angel wings. When each soul puts on their wings, they permit others to do so too. You are but following those who have forged the way for you, no? It’s not about being special. It’s about playing the game of life, which is to be an angel of heaven who wakes up wingless on the set of the Hunger Games and has to find her wings to rise up and out. We joke… about the Hunger Games, to tickle you, and release some of your self-seriousness about the ‘human being’ predicament. As you full know, heaven is indeed, indeed, indeed a place on Earth. This is known by your heart and soul. The game of your life is to convince the Mind of this astonishing, non-intellectually perceivable Truth. What an adventure. 

You are emanating love. Congratulations. You have unlocked Level Love.

Ha! Nice. Beautiful. Blooming.

Remain playful. This is a game of wooing your Mind. Play Love Emanation with 5 messages in the next 10 minutes, and see how it goes. Then off, on your weekend away you go! 


I am emanating love

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