Peak 50: I am asking myself ‘What is the alleviation of suffering?’

Yesterday, you missed out a key outcome of following your Higher Self’s Path (HS Path):

  • I get helped, inspired and taught by my clients

It’s true! Yes! That’s why I’d often do 1:1 client work for free or cheap, because I end up learning my best lessons from my clients! It’s a privilege.

So there is a key marker for you: I know I’m on my HS Path when I learn as much from the client as they might do from me.

Yes. And on the other hand in my training for large groups, I’m often so focussed on getting through the material, I don’t get the full benefit of learning. (Though I could shift my training to be more facilitative. Tbh, it’s always hard to balance people’s expectations of being taught and being heard in training.)

When you were in an unwell state we helped alleviate your suffering, first by helping you:

  • Bolster your flagging Spirit (will, lifeforce)
  • Heal your broken Heart
  • Recover your fractured Soul

This is the work of the HS Path: the alleviation of suffering at an essential level.

To participate in this work takes maturity, patience, commitment and faithful trust that you are a channel for something far more skilled and perfect than you.

You are invited to participate.

I beg for my ready ‘Yes!’ to be accepted, and for full mentoring, guidance and education to be provided.

Settling into the work of the alleviation of suffering takes the constant peeling away of egoic thinking.

I can work with that.

Furthermore, it involves getting really calm, receptive, attuned, attentive and intuitive.


But most of all, it requires you to cease seeking personal gain, approbation and acclaim. Instead, your goal becomes that of checking in with the client as to whether the work is done – and seeking an assured affirmative. That is the goal. It is not self-focussed.

It is self-less? Person-centred?

It is mere physics. It is an equation. Enough of the right work => the work is done. That is all.

I see.

So for today?

Settle in to pondering the question of the alleviation of suffering. What is it?

I am asking myself ‘what is the alleviation of suffering?’

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