Peak 53: I am playing Say/Do

The section of my audiobook Medical Medium on initial advice for healing from the EBV was excellent (the full protocols come later in the book).  I found an almost complete transcription of the whole chapter (Chapter 3) on Anthony William’s blog:

And I’ve copied out the initial foods and supplements he recommends in a pdf here: Healing from EBV – Anthony William’s protocols on helpful foods and supplements

And also I’ve created a pdf of AW’s 16 Snacks for Adrenal Fatigue: 16 Snacks for Adrenal Fatigue

And here’s a write-up of a blogger on using the whole protocol (about which I will read later in Medical Medium): Gillian Elizabeth notes: ‘Alongside a primarily plant based (not vegan) diet each phase recommends daily lemon water and celery juice. Aside from that each phase changes approach by recommending different healing liquids such as the heavy metal detox smoothie, ginger water, thyroid healing smoothie, tea, broth, or juice. In the third phase William’s also recommends cutting fat intake by 25%, alongside the other dietary restrictions. Foods to avoid in all three phases include: processed foods, corn, soy, caffeine, canola oil, gluten, dairy, and most animal products.’ So my recent pull to follow a Gluten-free Vegan diet (with my ‘Green Days’) may well have been my intuition pulling me along this healing route.

Yesterday, after Med / Ex / Diet (breakfast) / Shower, I retreated to bed to work as I was so tired – and I ended up spending a lot of the day sleeping. I think I’m really knocked (and relieved) by this potential discovery of the root cause of my years of fatigue and brain fog. I felt the invitation to really give in to the sleep I’ve been needing – I could stop bullying myself into action with the new rationale: ‘If you sleep and rest you’ll have more power over this virus…’ I’ve been pushing myself too much – and with this potential underlying virus, no wonder I’ve been awash with confusion, anxiety and dismay about the level of my exhaustion.

I decided to interpret ‘simple-hearted’ as ‘not multi-tasking’ at times in my day, and everything slowed down beautifully. I could be more present.

Today is my last day of work for a while – it feels like the last day of term. I’m on my knees – but have some really important stuff to mail down before I finish. Work with me today, dear voice of inner wisdom?

Now you have made this discovery of the work of Anthony William, you can relax and rest into starting to focus on bringing those foods and supplements into your life, with plenty of rest and gentle exercise – and prayer and meditation. This can be your gentle practice over the coming two weeks. After that, maybe you can use August for the full healing protocols. 

For now, however, you can focus on the two weeks ahead. Yes, you have a really important and life-changing event to focus on. 

I certainly do…

And you can rest and relax on this EBV topic knowing that simply introducing the healing foods/supps into your diet is enough for now. Ok? Getting used to the taste of fresh fruit and salads again. Ok? That is enough for now. 

Thank you. That’s reassuring. And how best should I prepare for the upcoming week(s) of magic in London?

By preparing to simplify your thinking and knowing and doing. Like Mary Poppins who blows in on the easterly wind with just a carpet bag and a brolly. Prepare your carpet bag. 

Image of Mary Poppins flying
Mary Poppins


Ha, lovely. Yes, I can prepare my carpet bag, literally and psychologically. Simplify, be present, neaten up, get precise, practise impeccability… I do like Mary Poppins.

“Spit spot!” Getting carried away by over-thinking is not helpful for you at this time. Getting into the groove of say/do is far more helpful. Say/do, say/do, say/do. It’s all about the activity of actioning small tasks. This is the way forward when one is feeling low on capacity – one tiny victory of impeccability at a time. Say/do. Say/do. Say/do. 

That sounds like a good game. Say you’ll do something and do it. Small victory of impeccability. (“Practically perfect in every way.”) And repeat.

With the ‘Say/Do’ Game we gain trust in our own powerful ability to be impeccable with our Word. We start small. We act consistently. 

Who do I ‘say’ my actionable task to?

Your Day Book would be absolutely fine. 

It’s too big, isn’t it?

You are Welcome to start again with a new Day Book, dear soul. Follow your intuition. 

Say: I’m going to choose a new, pretty Day Book, and play ‘Say/Do’ in it today.

Excellent! Enjoy the experience. 

Thank you. I shall.

I am playing Say/Do

PS. In the end, I decided to use my old (somewhat forgotten) ‘Action Day’ Planner for playing Say/Do on the actual timeslot for the date. Good. I’m glad to be back using the Planner, and using it with Post-It Notes too so that it can be my whole and only Day Book.

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