Peak 54: I am playing Sacred Say/Do

Say/Do – on a health and healing level, through reading more of Medical Medium:

  • I’m moving from LowCarbHighFat (which apparently strains my liver/pancreas/adrenals (!)), to LowFatHighFruitVeg
  • I’m moving from attempting intermittent fasting, to grazing (on fruit/veg/nuts/seeds) every couple of hours
  • I’m moving from LCHF breakfast of bacon/egg etc, to fruit smoothie or Bircher (again)
  • I’m moving from lots of animal protein, to very little and lean.

How did I hijack myself into the high fat high protein scheme when it clearly doesn’t work for me?! Need to recognise my particular body is not the same as the next person’s.

The challenging news: my body may well be hosting activated EBV which has impacted on my adrenal system – and there is no medical cure, and no reliable test.

The fantastic news: I can use Healing Foods & Supplements (in my words: Virtually Vegan, Grazing – Fruits & Vegetables, Low Fat, GF) to flush the virus from my body and boost/recover my immune system, adrenal system, liver, pancreas, kidneys, nervous system and brain. And I can add gentle meditation, exercise and sleep to the mix, along with a mindset which remains gently focussed on a prayerful awareness of the natural dynamics of healing.

Let’s get this party started with Healing Foods and Supplements to flush out what is not helping my system (EBV, fatty liver, adrenaline, EBV toxins). Here’s my post-walk breakfast (meDs) from yesterday:

Scene showing salt, cucumber, celery and lemon/ACV water
My post-walk breakfast: salt, cucumber, celery and lemon/ACV water
An array of supplements
My morning supplements

The Say/Do Game for Executive Function

Then playing Say/Do was a brilliant way of steering my tired, attention-deficient, nervous brain to do the things I needed to do. I’d start a task with a note of the time in my Day Book (ie. Say, or state the task) – and then just Do it until it was done, with as little deviation, distraction or wandering as possible. Then I’d note the time and choose the next task, aiming for each next task to be genuinely completable, so I could get the benefit of the completion ‘relief’. Like this.

  • 12.16: Make tea and tidy desk
  • 12.43: Set up the difficult calls
  • 1.22: Break
  • 1.50: Difficult call 1
  • 2.15: Break
  • 2.45: Difficult call 2

At any moment I would be able to say to myself, “What am I doing?” – and it was always One Thing. Simple. Simple-Hearted. No-Multi-tasking. Say it. Do it. A great reliever for an over-stimulated nervous system, and the ADHD-like symptoms of brain fog. Thanks for a great game. It’s like the Switch202020 Game, which I also love, especially when I’m very much struggling with Executive Functioning. What I like about the Say/Do Game is the emphasis on ‘impeccability of word’ – I say I’ll do something, and then I’ll do it til it’s done (versus the playing with ‘Ready steady go, you’ve got 20 mins to do as much as you can on this task!’ of Switch 20). I noticed too yesterday, I was more careful about promising to do things, willy-nilly, to others. I had been using the phrases “I’ll do…” / “I’m going to…” as a way to kick the can down the road. Odd, as I never used to do that. So… Say/Do. Get simpler and more impeccable. Lovely.

What are your thoughts for me today, dear higher self voice of my soul?

Time to meditate, dear one. 


Oh wow… this was something else:

Screenshot of the Insight Timer app
Sarah Blondin – Making your life sacred – guided meditation on Insight Timer app

This meditation moved me to tears. Yes! Make it all sacred! Every moment. Even if we cannot understand what is happening, we can be full of wonder…

And we can begin each task by inviting ‘the sacred’ in as our companion in impeccability and execution. 

Indeed. That would have made a shift yesterday – had I begun and finished each task by tugging on the bell rope to the sacred, for assistance, communion, intercession… Shall I do that?

Your heart knows what it is doing. Your soul is blessed by knowing. Your spirit is on fire with determination and hope. Your hands are active and ready and agile. Your will is strong. Your intentions are good. 

(Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood…)

So ‘pulling on the bell rope to the sacred’ before you commence and as you complete each task-in-time is the cherry on the icing on the sponge cake of your actions. 

A bell with a rope attached
Bell rope to the sacred

I think I would like to play ‘Sacred Say/Do’ today, where I undertake a small ceremony of bell-rope tugging as I complete/commence tasks. Your advice?

The key word is ‘appreciation’ – appreciating the abundance of assistance available; appreciating the very fact of being alive to undertake tasks on this physical plane; appreciating your freedom of will and choice in any moment; appreciating the solemn sacredness of the tasks which challenge you because they ask you to dig deep; appreciating your ability to complete, to do, to be impeccable with your words and deeds. This is the purpose of the sacred ceremony of bell-tugging. 

And through appreciation comes wonder. Wonder is the great antidote to confusion or apathy or sadness. Wonder is the key to the door of joy. Let wonder fill your being. ….And relax. It’s all just good fun and learning. All is well. 

Thank you. Let’s see how this goes – especially with respect to daily activities like eating consciously (Virtually Vegan, Grazing) and social activities like our choir concert today. May I be spared from any of my old, weary forms of  ‘piety’ and refreshed by the spirit of appreciation and wonder!


I am playing Sacred Say/Do

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