Peak 63: I am magnetising

My ‘flowing’ was so complete yesterday that I spent much of the day on my back asleep or napping. I was tired – and I flowed with it. My body has so much healing to do. Also, I’ve given myself ‘annual leave’ til next week, so I was using the time to reboot.

I did appreciate the consistent self-reminder to flow with what was, to soak in the moment, to appreciate what was happening. I had a fraction too much grousing in me for my liking – but that was just the processing of old emotions. I can bring compassion to that.

You did really well. You are sinking in to this new paradigm beautifully. 

Will I keep it up once ‘work’ begins again? How?

  1. You are planning to change your diet [a la Medical Medium – in my words Virtually Vegan, Grazing Green, Roughly Raw] – this will energise you no end.
  2. You have set your working hours for 12-5pm weekdays – so you will be less overwhelmed by it all, and have more time for sustaining your daily MEDSAN practice
  3. You have a vision of shifting your work focus from mainly training to mainly casework practice, especially remotely. This means you will be working with people who need resolution now, rather than training (often only partly-willing) theorists.
  4. You understand that you set the frequency (#PeaceFreq) and that working with dissonance in you is not helpful. 

It’s true! And since working on really relaxing this week, I’ve had two private cases come in.

Because you were found to be on the wavelength of peace. Source looks for helpers on the Peace Freq. If you are on the dissonance frequency waving a flag of peace like a cat on a hot tin roof, you can not be found to help restore peace. 

On the Peace Freq, you literally magnetise the desired work. 

This is really serious learning. It makes it very clear to me that I must put my practice of stillness, softening, flowing, weightlessness etc at the centre of my life.

To remain on the Peace Freq more and more is a real gift to yourself and others. It’s a service in itself. 

It’s also a discipline. It’s a relearning.

You’re completely ready. You are in a home that supports total peace. Furthermore, you have developed some EXCELLENT executive functioning techniques which are really working for you. They give you calm and order. 

Yes. It turns out that tracking things, by time and achievement, really helps. The Say/Do Game and the Switch20 Game really helped too. I’m using my trackers and my Day Book and my timers. It’s good.

When we have that sense of poise and lightly-held ‘control’ over ourselves and our actions (vs aiming for control over conditions/others/outcomes – which is not helpful), we can heighten our magnetism of the good stuff. 

What is this magnetism? It sounds quite airy-fairy, or like ‘magical thinking’.

Play with it. ‘Are you knowing what you are wanting?’

Yes. Interesting and fulfilling cases.

And why are you doing so much (exhausting) training? 

To open the doors to more cases; to gain confidence in undertaking cases; to meet contacts for future cases.

Good. Keep that in mind. The training is the doorway, not the destination. 

Anything else you are wanting? 

To merge the two sides of my life – DoDs and my Casework. Under one roof. Without bullet-dodging behaviours.

Hey hey hey – no need for strong language. Hold to the vision: ‘To merge the two sides of my life – DoDs and my Casework. Under one roof.’

Yes. What do I need to know?

You need to hold that vision. In a target slide. Thus far, your Reality Transurfing-esque target slide [see back of my copy of RT] has not included the casework. 

Oh my goodness – that is true! So what is it I need to know??

DIALOGUE. This is your key word. Like this: 

Screenshot of a definition of dialogue
Definition of dialogue


‘A discussion between two or more people or groups, especially one directed towards exploration of a particular subject or resolution of a problem.’

Consultation, facilitation, resolution… via dialogue. As we are doing here. Dialogue is your merging factor. 

But what if people were to find out I dialogue with myself?!

They might start doing the same themselves. And sort out all kinds of topics, questions, queries and problems. Is that a bad thing? 

Ha. No. Of course not. But what if they point at me and laugh?

Let’s look at the artist Huang Yong Ping. If he had told his family back in the day that he was going to put a bunch of sea-transport containers and a giant serpent skeleton in a large hall, they would hardly have congratulated him or felt optimistic about his future career prospects. They might even have laughed and pointed at him. And when he did produce Monumenta 2016 in Paris (below), which stunned thousands of visitors with its power, it’s probable that many people still did laugh at him. That is the artist’s risk and reason. 

Monumenta 2016 - boxes and a serpent skeleton
Monumenta 2016

I don’t like being pointed at and laughed at…

Why not try it? The laughing-pointers are coming from a place of fear and ego. The majority of people are coming from neutrality or love. You must risk triggering the laughing-pointers to speak deeply with the people in a place of love. 

I see. Ok. Thank you… So much good stuff today.

  • I hear you on refining that target slide to include DoDs and Casework.
  • I hear you that Dialogue is the keyword.
  • I hear you on maintaining the #PeaceFreq

Thank you for all those points. What is the message for today?

You’re resisting it, but it’s about magnetising, because it’s important for you to know you are a living, breathing, walking magnet (everyone is!). So it’s wise to take care with what you are magnetising, and to learn to set your thought-systems consciously. Magnetising is just physics. It’s no special power or gift. You magnetise according to your frequency, so shift into #PeaceFreq at will. 

Ok. Got it. Ty. xx

I am magnetising


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